Entwined in the arms of someone I love

Frozen in a moment I'll remember

Dwelling in euphoria

I can claim as my own

Elation of my own devices

Contentment off command

No one will take you from me

Now that I'm able to love

Your touch neither wrong nor right

Labels can't claim ecstasy

No one will hold this against me

Because I still come out on top

Torn in a moment of solitude

Our world will never let me have you

Love wasn't meant for us

And they'll let us know

You told me you didn't care

My dress is simple, pale, and blue

White represents purity

For us alone to know

Our chapel is a forest

Connected to the natural Spirit

And our vows are to each other

Not to "obedience" or "honor"

Lean in to kiss me

Our love can never be stolen

By those who don't believe

That it could ever be real

Our first dance as a married couple

To a song that shows our feelings

Whether they're wrong or right

They're right for us

I toss the bouquet to someone else

Who never thought she could love

Take me home

You proved to me that I could