Chapter One

"Why the hell did I decide to spend summer with you on your Grandmother's farm?," said Sarah angrily while leaning against a tree.

"I don't know," said Isabella tiredly. "But can you stop complaining and start helping."

"Face it! We are LOST!!," yelled Sarah.

The two girls have been in the forest outside Isabella's grandmother's farm for the last two hours. Isabella and Sarah are both 17 and going to be in there senior year. Isabella has silver eyes and dark brown hair and Sarah has brown eyes and blonde hair. The two girls have been best friends every since the first grade.

"Do you think it's true?," asked Sarah all of a sudden.

"Is what true?, asked Isabella curiously.

"The crazy stories your grandmother tells us."

Isabella turned to look at her best friend. "What?! Do you mean the stories about a magical path in this forest that leads to a different world that has fairies, magic, demons, and other that other supernatural stuff?"

"Yeah.," Sarah said in a hushed voice.

"There just stories she made up. Don't worry about it." Isabella started to laugh. "Help me find our way home."

"You're right."

The two girls started walking around and come across a river that was like miles and miles down below. The only way too get across was to go on the bridge that didn't look too stable. Beyond the bridge was a Y-shaped dirt road. One path was lighted and the other path was dark.

"Let's go across the bridge," said Sarah and she started walking across it.

"It doesn't look to stable," said Isabella.

Sarah made it across the bridge. "Don't be a wimp!"

I rather be a wimp than died thought Isabella. Here I go! She started to walk across the bridge. The bridge started to swing.

"Isabella!," yelled Sarah. "Hurry!" She started hurrying her steps. Suddenly the ropes on the other side broke. Sarah screamed. Isabella fall down and hung on to the cracks between the boards as the bridge came swinging down against the cliff. Isabella was slammed against the cliff.

"Grab my hand," said Sarah, whose hand was dangling only a few inches away. Isabella reached her hand out and grabbed Sarah's. She started pulling her up.

"Are you okay?," said Sarah when Isabella was over the ledge. Isabella's head was bleeding.

"Yeah, once every thing stops spinning around," said Isabella. Sarah started pulling up onto her feet. Finally after ten minutes, Isabella was able to keep standing on her own.

"Which way do we go?," asked Isabella.

"Do you need to ask?," asked Sarah as if stating the obvious.

"The lighter path," said both girls together.

And off they went.