Ok's. The scenes in CAPSLOCK are one personality of the girl, the scenes in
normal is the second personality of the girl.
I.E. SCENE 1 - one personality
Scene 2 - second personality

SUICIDAL GOODBYE (in another language)

-meaning the title will be in another language, this is hopefully showing
that Suicide is hard to understand.etc

Hi, how are you? I'm great, thanks for asking.
Most of you know my name. Most of you could pass me on the streets and
would recognize my face. You'd give me a nod, or a smile.
Yes, most you know my face, my name. You may also know my laugh and smile.
What colour my eyes are, what makes me cry, what makes me happy.
You may know what clothes I wear and that I write poetry, and that I'm not
afraid to admit that yes.I am a little different to you.but who isn't?

Scene 2
I know I am, I don't want to be. No. But I am. No. Yes. No! Leave me.alone.

Why is it, when you're hurt, crying, you want to be alone?
Why is it words can sting, pierce, rip you apart more than fists and nails.
Why is it that what they think matters? Why can't you block it from your
ears? Ignore their words! Their tears and cuts which slowly and painfully
slice you apart, the words which rip out your heart and slashes it apart to
leave it subtly pumping on the cold ground for all to see.
Your tears! Your tears which leak out to drown your now dead heart,
surrounds it and drowns it.
Why do you bother? But they are only words, right? You're weak if they hurt

scene 4
Why are you doing this?! Do you wish to see me cry? To watch me slowly
inside die? Well, you have your wish, you have what you want. Happy? What
have you accomplished? Huh?! WHAT?!
Leave me.alone.

Watch on. Did any of you feel sorry for her? And as you watched, did any of
you care? Of course you did!
Then why the hell didn't you do anything?! Why didn't you do anything?

scene 6
Why didn't you help me? I screamed for it, I yelled for it! I begged for
it, until my throat went dry! Why didn't you even try? I new you loved me,
you didn't want to watch me die, I new that. But I needed to see it. I
needed you to tell me. No you didn't want to watch me die.but you didn't
stop me either.

Goodbye?! Hear that?! Goodbye.I'll see you around.