Peeping Tom

By:Andrew Troy Keller

As far back as I could remember,the only type yearning that some teenage boys would have is for the nude models inside the certain men's magazines,like for instance,Playboy.

Speaking of which,there was this one kid named Bryan Spelling,who has gotten the largest collection of Playboy magazines stashed somewhere inside his bedroom--and each and every time he'd came home from school,he would go upstairs to his room,take out one of his Playboys and gaze his wide eyes upon the nude models within the magazine's pages.

Of course,that was before the Nineteenth day of September,when he had taken his eyes off of the magazine's latest issue for only a minute and made a sudden discovery that his new next door neighbor was a former Playboy Bunny named Sabrina Bond by looking into her bedroom window and seeing her getting ready to take her shower.

But while he was staring at a nude Sabrina as she was looking at herself in the mirror,Bryan's mother had called up to him to come down for dinner,causing him to slip off his bed and fall down on the floor.

Now,he had no idea as to whether or not Sabrina had spotted him playing peeping tom on her.

But he was about to find out,for on the following evening,Bryan had came downstairs to join his family in welcoming a new neighbor to Danverport--and was shocked to discover that it was Sabrina.