Title: The way it works…

Rating: NC-17 (Slash, incest, language)

Summary: Sometimes curiosity gets the better of us, Alex needs someone to take his mind off of things and Rob is that person (WARNING: incest involved)

Disclaimer: I own the Characters and the story line but in all events please remember that this is F I C T I O N and that none of it is real. All bands mentioned, TV programmes and possibly Countries or Cities are real and I do not own them, any quotes used are owned by their author but have been labelled accordingly.

Please note: No characters were hurt in the making of this story, how ever by all legal rights the author will not take responsibility for the actions of some members. The actors in this story are professionals and have been trained to perform these stunts. Please do not attempt to re-enact anything you have seen today.

Enjoy the Show.

The way it works…

I'm never going to get this. Alex thought bleakly as he sat staring at the math problems before him.

The whole day hadn't exactly been great, first there had been waking up late, then getting to class late only to end up getting sent home early after getting into a fight with one Chad Sanders, a jock who was just asking for it. It was bad enough the cravings for something good (Namely, crack) had kicked in some time just before twelve, now Alex was stuck in his bedroom of his brother's small apartment trying his damn hardest to concentrate on his homework only to be getting nowhere fast.

Rob's gunna kill me if he finds out about the fight. He thought, the frown on his tanned features deepening suddenly at the thought before his sighed bleakly and sat back in his seat, tapping his pen against the textbook before him madly.

"Think Alex, Think." He grumbled to himself when his mind began to wander suddenly.

"You need a brain to do that little brother." Rob's voice answered back making the sixteen-year-old jump.

"Rob!" Alex squeaked and glared at his grinning brother. "I told you not to sneak up on me like that!"

The older brother simply chuckled and shrugged in his black windbreaker, leaning casually against the doorframe. "Sorry, couldn't resist. What you doing home anyway?"

Alex shrugged, looking back down at his textbook and note pad, suddenly finding the half finished equations very interesting. "Oh I wasn't feeling very well."

"Aww." Rob chuckled and walked over, resting a hand on Alex's forehead gently. "Well you're a little warm, your cravings aren't kicking up again are they?"

"Yes and get off." Alex whined batting his brother's hand away. "Jesus I knew making you my guardian was a mistake, all you do is mother me!"

"Well you are my baby brother you know?" Rob chuckled and peered at the maths textbook and frowned a little. "Should you be studying if you're not feeling well?"

Alex just shrugged under his sweater that had once fitted him but after months of not eating and drug abuse had left the sweater too big for him. "Dunno, was gunna give up anyway."

"Aw." Rob chuckled, ruffling Alex's messy hair a little as he headed over to his younger bother's bed. "Come on lie down and get some rest okay? Homework can wait."

"Yeah you're probably right." Alex nodded with a sigh before standing up from his desk, his bed suddenly looking very inviting.

Rob simply smiled as Alex crashed down on the soft mattress, before stretching himself out on the small couch opposite, his long legs dangling over the edge as he grabbed a magazine from the floor and began flicking through it. Alex watched from his strange lying position, staring at his brother for some time. Despite the three-year age difference, the brothers weren't very different in appearance. Both of them were tall, Rob being just a little taller than Alex, with rich dark brown hair. Both of them had warm deep brown eyes that were forever friendly and inviting, they even had the same soft rosy lips and long artistic fingers. The only difference lay in Alex's darker skin thanks to hours skating under the hot Californian sun and the fact that Alex's face was a little fuller, adding to his already childish persona. Most of the time though the pair were mistaken as twins, a mistake that always amused Alex because to him he was nothing like Rob, they didn't have the same personalities.

Then there was the gay thing….

Rob was gay, as in he had been with one girl then one night got totally drunk off his face and slept with some guy and from there on in he was as bent as a horse shoe. Alex on the other hand wasn't… well at least he didn't think he was, after all he figured he was too young to really know what he preferred, guys or girls. But he had to admit, that over the last few months he had started to become curious. It all started when Rob and his current boyfriend some guy called Allen were making out on the couch when Alex got home from school one day. By this time he was used to the idea of Rob being gay and the sight didn't really affect him, well until he was sitting trying to watch TV and all his could hear was the soft moans and mewls of the two men on the couch kissing. From there on Alex had found himself watching at times, catching secret glances every time he saw something similar to it, his mind filling with curious questions like what was it like to kiss a guy? Was it different from a girl? Wasn't it gross or disgusting?

"What ya staring at buddy?" Rob suddenly asked not looking up from the magazine.

"This ugly annoying git on my couch." Alex answered at a mumble before burying his face into his pillow, sighing heavily.

"Be nice." Rob warned.

Alex didn't answer as he shifted a little, the itching under his skin nearly as bad as the curiosity that was now tapping at his brain. He grumbled to himself and sighed heavily once more, turning his head slightly to look at Rob.


"Hmm?" His brother didn't look up from his magazine.

"Nothing, don't worry." Alex quickly countered the question that had been begging to be let out.


Well at least he's not pushing…

"No come on what is it baby brother?" Rob suddenly piped up, the magazine suddenly resting on his chest as he looked at Alex.

Damn him…

"It's nothing just a stupid question that's all." Alex answered shifting uncomfortably.

"Just a stupid question huh?"

The magazine was completely forgotten as Rob moved off the couch slowly but with some strange grace before sitting down on the edge of the bed, one of his hands coming to rest on Alex's back gently.

"Well let's hear it anyway." He smirked a little.

Alex groaned and buried his face into his pillow again to hide the blush creeping into his cheeks. "It's nothing, just me being stupid and naive that's all."

"Well you are only sixteen Alex so it is allowed." Rob chuckled, rubbing small circles on his younger brother's back. "Come on spill before you explode, or I'll tickle it out of you."

Alex's eyes widened, gasping slightly. If there was one thing he hated it was being tickled, especially by his brother who knew all of his weak spots. Lifting his head he looked at his brother, narrowing his eyes slightly at the older man.

"You're evil you know that?" He muttered.

Rob just shrugged. "Yeah I know. Now come on spill."

"You're gunna laugh at me…" Alex sighed and rested his head on his arms. "What's it like kissing a guy?"

Rob raised an eyebrow in his usual clueless manner.

Alex grumbled and huffed childishly. "See I told you, it's stupid!"

"No that's not stupid." Rob shook his head smiling a little. "I was just a little surprised is all, it's not something I would expect you to ask."

"I know." Alex shrugged and rolled onto his side, mildly aware of Rob's hand now on his waist. "But it's kinda been bugging me."

"Oh." Rob nodded looking enlightened.

"So," Alex pushed now wanting to hear the answer. "What's it like kissing a guy?"

Rob just shrugged, his fingers moving against Alex's side. "Like kissing a girl I guess."

Alex just stared at him blankly. "That has got to be the biggest pile of shit I have ever heard. How is kissing a guy like kissing a girl?"

"I dunno do I?" Rob shrugged smiling a little. "Why? You're not curious are you?"

"What? No!"

Okay yes…

"Funny, you sound it." Rob giggled and leant forward. "Is my baby brother getting all curious about the same sex?"

"Ass!" Alex hissed and glared.

"It's Mr. Ass to you." Rob chuckled lightly, his gaze falling from Alex's eyes suddenly to a little lower down his face. "And what makes you think it's not different huh?"

"I just don't think it is…" Alex answered quietly, his eyes studying Rob's face.

"Hmm maybe I could help you prove your theory then." Rob suggested.

"How?" Alex raised an eyebrow.

"By kissing you."

"Oh no!" Alex shook his head. "That's gross!"

"How'd ya mean?" Rob frowned before smiling.

"We're brothers!" Alex answered back, sitting up a little. "That's like incest!"

"Alex stop over reacting. It's just a kiss, nothing harmless, the Madden twins do it." Rob chuckled.

"Correction, people like the idea of the Madden twins doing it, they don't." Alex shook his head and sighed. "Okay, just a kiss, although I don't know how you kissing me is gunna help me prove kissing guys is different from kissing girls."

"I'm a guy."

"You're my brother."

"Look do you want to find out or not?" Rob interjected the argument before it started.

Alex was silent for a minute. "Yeah okay fine, but if you tell anyone about this I'll kill you."

"Ditto." Rob nodded, leaning forward a little more. "Lie back down and relax I can't concentrate if you're fidgeting."

"What's there to concentrate on?" Alex asked but did as he was told, lying back against his bed, his head resting on the soft fluffy pillow.

"Don't start lil bro." Rob grumbled, shifting himself. "Okay close your eyes, I don't need you staring at me."

Alex sighed becoming frustrated with all of his brother's requests but did as he was told, closing his eyes slowly. It left him a little vulnerable and the minute he eyes were closed he wanted to open them again to see what Rob was up to. He heard Rob shift again, his older brother's warm breath suddenly tickling his skin before warm soft lips brushed up against his, massaging his own softly, carefully as if Rob was afraid to hurt him. It certainly felt different, for one Alex felt something, like soft tingles spreading from his lips into his body, the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end. He gasped slightly from the feeling, his lips moving to return the gesture with some hesitation waiting for the signal the pull back. Only it never came. Instead Alex felt Rob's lips part against his, his older brother's tongue snaking out to lick at his lips, begging for admittance past Alex's lips. Alex complied, unsure why; slightly surprised when Rob's tongue brushed against his, a sweet delicate taste, which he could only assume was Rob's filling his mouth. He shivered when he felt Rob's hand rest on his stomach, gliding smoothly up under his t-shirt, the older brother's nail digging into his skin slightly as their tongues wrestled for dominance. Rob won, although this didn't surprise Alex greatly, he assumed it was experience and age that played the main factors.

Then Rob pulled back, his breath heavier against Alex's lips. The whole action made Alex open his eyes, his lungs gulping in air greedily making him slightly dizzy.

"Wow…" Rob breathed, his lips slightly red. "You kiss exactly how I thought you would."

Alex frowned, only couldn't get a word out as Rob's lips came to attack his again, the taller brother's body straddling him. This time the kiss was fierce, Rob's teeth nibbling at Alex's bottom lip almost painfully but all Alex could do was moan, pushing back into the kiss with the same intensity, battling to have some control but failing as Rob's hands pinned his shoulders down firmly. Alex mewled slightly, struggling slightly but giving up as he parted his lips, allowing Rob's tongue back in, the older brother's tongue running over every part of his mouth, flicking and teasing. A small moan rose in Rob's throat making Alex shiver, the moan turning into a small growl of delight as Rob pulled back slightly, enough to let them both breathe and him to talk.

"Boy you taste good little brother…." He murmured, his lips brushing against Alex's sensitive ones. "Makes me wonder why I didn't try this sooner."

"You're kidding me right?" Alex replied still breathless.

Rob shook his head, a small smirk falling onto his kiss-swollen lips. "You can't tell me you haven't noticed the way I look at you, the way my eyes are always on you when I'm kissing another guy… I'm always watching my little brother, wondering what it would be like to kiss you, to taste you, to fuck you."

"Fuck me?" Alex frowned, wriggling slightly. "Who said anything about that?"

"Oh come on Alex!" Rob rolled his eyes. "You can't tell me that you're hard for no reason, and you certainly can't tell me you were thinking about it."

Alex blushed when he realised in both cases Rob was right, he was hard, painfully hard and it didn't help Rob was grinding against him. He swallowed nervously looking up at his brother who was smirking cheekily, almost deviously in fact as if this was what he had intended to happen all along.

"Rob look I just said I wanted to know what it was like to kiss a guy that's all…" Alex stammered feeling a little uncomfortable but his curiosity getting the better of him as usual. "Yeah… that's it."

"Oh yeah?" Rob raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah." Alex answered trying to convince himself suddenly.

"You don't sound convinced you know?" Rob chuckled, stroking Alex's stomach softly. "Boy you've gotten thin…"

"Shut up." Alex grumbled pushing his hoodie and t-shirt down to cover the dip that was his stomach. "Look…I…argh Rob how the fuck do you do it huh?"

"What?" Rob looked innocent.

"Leaving me with no way of answering you!" Alex snapped, shifting.

"So you are curious then?" Rob suddenly looked smug.

"Yes!" Alex spat back, his cheeks heating up. "Yes okay fine I'm curious damnit! Is that what you wanted to hear?"

"Well yeah." Rob nodded and rolled his eyes. "Otherwise I wouldn't have asked."

Alex grumbled and attempted to turn away, a difficult task considering he bother was straddling him, pinning him to the bed. Rob didn't move though, he just pinned Alex back to the bed, sighing wearily.

"Stop getting in a fit would you?" Rob grumbled. "Jesus, ever since you quit crack you've been one moody asshole!"

"Can you blame me? You try getting through day after day with these cravings and nothing to take you're mind off of them!" Alex argued, struggling weakly. "It's driving me bloody crazy!"

"Well perhaps I can help you take your mind off of them for a while and cure that touch of curiosity you've caught huh?" Rob smiled.

"You're suggesting the fucking thing again aren't you?" Alex grumbled.

Rob didn't reply verbally, instead he leant down and kissed Alex once more, gently this time, with a bit more care than the last time. This time Alex didn't react straight away, he was still expecting an answer when Rob's lips found his so he was a little confused at first but now he was reacting again, kissing his older brother back, flicking his tongue out to taste his brother's lips as their lips worked together.

Rob used this to his advantage, running his hands under Alex's hoodie and Tee, pushing them up to expose hot tanned flesh. He pulled away from the kiss leaning down to press gentle kisses on the flesh now exposed to him, licking at it, a small purr rumbling in his throat as Alex's sweet taste tingled on his tongue. Alex gasped, his body arching into Rob's mouth, his muscles flexing under the hot skin. Rob smiled a little nipping at the taut skin causing Alex to moan softly, Rob's tongue running over each red mark left by his nips. Alex found himself relishing in each every touch, the way Rob's warm wet tongue moved over his skin delicately and the way his teeth grazed so teasingly into his skin.

"Lift your hips." Rob ordered at a low murmur.

"Why?" Alex asked, his voice nothing but breathless.

"So I can take your pants off." Rob chuckled shaking his head. "Damn you are naïve sometimes."

Alex just blushed and did as he was told, lifting his hips enough for Rob to undo his belt and cargo pants, pushing them off his hips leaving him in only his boxers.

"Perfect." Rob grinned and looked up. "I'm just going to get something, you get undressed okay?"

"Mean boxers and everything?" Alex asked sounding more nervous that he first thought he was.

"Boxers and everything lil bro." Rob nodded smirking. "I'll be back I promise."

Alex remained static until Rob had left his small bedroom before pulling himself up into a sitting position. For a moment he just sat looking around the room feeling embarrassed by the mere thought of his older brother seeing him naked before he slowly pulled his hoodie off, dropping it to the floor. His shirt followed soon after, his skate shoes forgotten to the floor as well as his socks and his cargo pants. Then came the red silk boxers he had been wearing… well they would have come off except Alex again hesitated once his fingers touched the waist band, suddenly feeling even more nervous.

Stop being a chicken Alex and just get on with it! The voice in his head scolded him.

He sighed heavily and pulled the boxers from his body, dropping them to the floor before grabbing his duvet and pulling it over his body almost embarrassed to be naked in his own view. Just as he pulled the covers over his body Rob walked back in smiling, now absent of his windbreaker, shoes and socks.

"Oh you're not embarrassed are you?" Rob chuckled as he pulled his own t-shirt off slowly to reveal his paler body, the creamy skin glowing in the sunlight filtering in from the window.

"Maybe." Alex mumbled, pulling the covers further up his body.

Rob simply shook his head, his hands falling to his own belt and zipper, both coming undone quickly allowing the heavy material of the older brother's jeans to pool around his ankles.

"You know you shouldn't be," Rob finally spoke again as he climbed onto the edge of the bed, pulling back the covers enough to slip under them. "I'm not here to judge you."

Alex tried to find his voice, only when Rob's head disappeared under the covers too, his mind went blank. He felt his brother's body slide between his legs and at first he was expecting to find Rob's face appear above his, only instead, hot wet walls wrapped around his member making him cry out partly in surprise and partly in pleasure.

"Shit…" He gasped, his head dropping back onto the pillow as his chest heaved. "Oh fuck…"

Rob's reply wasn't verbal, his wet tongue running along the underside of Alex's cock as he sucked gently at first tasting his brother. Alex cried out, his back arching as his eyes slid shut, Rob's actions not once relenting as he sucked a little harder, taking in as much of Alex's erection as he could, letting the tip hit the back of his throat. The impact shot chills into Alex's already aching member making him cry out once more, one of his hands coming up to muffle his screaming just in case a neighbours heard.

Rob's reply to this seemed to make Alex scream louder, grating his teeth along the underside of Alex's length teasingly as he sneakily pulled the small bottle of lube from the back of his boxers, smothering his fingers in the oily substance before running one finger over the cleft of Alex's cheeks to his entrance. As Rob expected Alex flinched and used his hands to pin Alex's hips down.

"What the hell was that?" Alex asked suddenly out of his field of pleasure and back to his nervous state once more.

Rob sighed, wriggling to push the covers off both their bodies so he could stare up at his brother. "Nothing, just relax and let me do the worrying okay?"

Alex just stared at him.

Rob sighed, rolling his eyes a little, sitting up and crawling up the smaller body under him, and pressing his lips to his brother's reassuringly. "Relax Lexi, you know I'd never hurt you, trust me."

"That's the part I'm struggling with." Alex mumbled against Rob's lips jokingly before sighing. "Okay, just take it slow, I'm not exactly used to this remember?"

Rob nodded pressing one more kiss to Alex's lips before returning to his previous position. He let his lips glide over the milky skin of Alex's inner thighs softly; hoping to take Alex's mind of what he was about to do. It seemed to work, he felt Alex shiver under him slightly causing him to smile. Alex on the other hand still felt nervous but the strange tingling sensation of Rob's lips on his skin made him forget about the long finger pushing into him gently, or rather as gently as could be allowed. It wasn't until Rob had fully embedded his finger within Alex did Alex realise at all.

"Whoa…" Alex whispered, looking up at the ceiling unsure if the feeling he was getting was uncomfortable or pleasurable.

"Feel good?" Rob asked, his breath hitting Alex's skin.

"I dunno." Alex answered quietly.

Rob nodded; curling his finger, searching for the spot he knew would drive Alex crazy with want. After a few seconds a small moan erupted from Alex, his back arching from the mattress once more as he gasped slightly. Rob grinned knowing what he had found.

"That feel good?" Rob asked at a low growl.

"Oh fuck yes…" Alex whimpered, a lazy smile on his lips.

"You sure?" Rob asked pressing he finger on the spongy spot again.

Alex moaned a little louder this time, his breathing short and sharp. "Yes very sure… oh god…"

Rob smiled, pulling his finger out a little enough to add a second slowly, using both to press on Alex's spot, stretching him gently at the same time. He could already tell by the hot tight walls squeezing around his fingers that he was in for a treat and the idea of breaking his brother in excited him more than he originally thought it would. Alex tensed slightly at the addition of another finger, a small stinging sensation rising up with the pleasure making the whole situation a little uncomfortable.

"Just relax otherwise it will hurt." Rob instructed calmly.

"It's hard to relax." Alex answered back at a whimper. "Damn…"

"I know but you've gotta try Baby boy." Rob reassured, pressing his fingers against Alex's spot to take his mind off of the stinging.

It worked, Alex's soft moan, the way his body arched just slightly, confirmed this making Rob smile as he watched his brother moan and writhe in pleasure.

"You think that feels good Lexi?" Rob spoke breathlessly, kissing his brother's stomach heatedly, breathlessly. "Imagine what it'll be like when I'm inside of you, slamming right against that spot over and over again."

"Don't…tease…" Alex breathed, his hips rising off the mattress repeatedly, jerking slightly, his fingers digging into the mattress.

"But it's fun Alex." Rob chuckled, discreetly adding a third finger, moving with more care. "It's fun watching you writhe on the mattress, begging me desperately to fuck you."

"I'm not begging yet." Alex murmured.

"I haven't started teasing yet…" Rob answered back, removing his fingers slowly. "Look at me."


"Just do it will you?" Rob sighed getting a little frustrated.

Alex's eyes eventually shifted to him, the skin surrounding them glowing a little from perspiration, his brown eyes dark, almost black but still warm. He watched in silence as Rob hooked his fingers under the waistband of his black boxers, pulling them slowly off of slightly feminine hips, exposing more of his creamy skin. Eventually he kicked them away, showing no signs of being shy as he leant down grabbing the small tube of lubrication, squeezing the cool gel into his hands again and rubbing it between his palms.

"What's the hottest thing you have ever seen Alex?"

Alex didn't know how to answer; nothing had ever turned him on, truly turned him on. He thought about this as he watched Rob's hand, the older brother now looming over him, his face close, one of his hands bracing his body, the other wrapping around Rob's length, gripping, moving slowly at first. Alex swallowed, his body shivering, he swore he almost came right there and then, but Rob's face blocked out his view, the older boy's lips capturing Alex's in a heated kiss, soft yet deep moans rumbling in Rob's throat making his brother shiver mentally and physically.

"I'm going to show you something that you'll never forget Alex…" Rob answered, guiding himself to his brother's entrance. "I'm going to make you experience something that you'll beg to have once again, something you'll crave more than drugs."

"Don't count on it." Alex answered, gasping as he felt Rob push, the intrusion causing him to tense slightly.

"I won't," Rob nodded, pressing his lips to Alex's again. "Now this might hurt a little, but it'll get better."

Alex was confused for a second, well right up until Rob suddenly slammed into him making him scream in pain, his insides burning, his skin feeling like it was being ripped apart. He sobbed, the tears flowing freely as his body burnt with pain.

"Shh…" Rob cooed, kissing away his tears. "Shhh Lexi, it's okay, I know it hurts but you've gotta relax, it'll get better."

Alex shook his head unable to move, the pain making him feel dizzy and sick. "Robbie please… it hurts, please make it stop, please…."

"I know it hurts sweetie." Rob murmured, kissing Alex softly, hoping to take his mind off the pain somewhat. "But you have to relax, so it can get better."

Alex whimpered, closing his eyes as he swallowed, knowing that Rob would never lie to him, he was a crap liar anyway. Breathing out slowly he tried to relax, trying to lose himself in Rob's lips, kissing him back weakly, willing him to concentrate on the velvety soft lips that were kissing him so delicately. It worked a little but not enough, Rob could tell so he resorted to plan B, sliding one hand between him and his brother gripping Alex's weeping cock and pumping him slowly, keeping perfectly still within his brother at all times.

"Shit… Rob…" Alex moaned softly, the mixture of pain and pleasure making him dizzy, the pleasure of his brother stroking him flooding out the pain.

"That's it relax…" Rob continued to coo, kissing Alex's cheeks and jaw line softly. "Just relax…"

It was killing him staying still, the tight walls around him squeezing, already milking his cock, he swallowed and fought to keep control knowing that soon he would show Alex the wonders involved in this act. He felt Alex slowly calming, relaxing around him, the younger boy's breathing falling to a low pant, nothing compared to what it was before. Lifting his head, Rob looked Alex in the eye, searching the brown orbs before him.

"How does it feel now?" He asked.

"Better." Alex nodded a little moaning softly. "So much better…"

"Good…" Rob answered and shifted a little, preparing himself to move. "Now just keep relaxed okay? Let me do the work…"

He waited until Alex had nodded a bit before pulling out slowly, cringing when he saw Alex wince slightly but knowing that if he hesitated then it would all be ruined. Breathing in deeply, he continued to pull out until he was almost all the way out, shifting his angle slightly and pushing back in with force, enough to get the reaction he was looking for.

"Holy Fuck!" Alex cried out, his back arching off the bed as he gasped for air, his skin tingling as the wave flooded through him.

Rob smiled, nodding a little as he captured one of Alex's nipples in his mouth and sucked gently, pulling out again and slamming back in against Alex's spot relishing in his brothers moans and screams. His eyes fluttered shut as he pushed in harder and faster each time, lapping at his brother's golden skin, moaning softly as he buried himself in hot walls that squeezed around him just right making him shiver and twitch in pleasure.

"Can you feel that baby?" Rob murmured against Alex's neck, pushing back in making Alex moan. "That's me right there, making you feel so fucking good baby brother, making you feel so wonderful."

Alex moaned his eyes squeezed shut in pleasure as his hips rolled against Rob's, occasionally bucking into Rob's hand that was still stroking him, making his body shudder with pleasure.

"I feel you, god do I feel you." He whispered, his head rolling back as he moaned deeply. "You feel so god damn good…"

"Then imagine how you feel for me Alex…" Rob moaned thrusting in hard, his head thrown back as he felt himself closing in on his climax, his body taking over, driving into Alex with force and speed, each time the walls surrounding him making him moan loudly.

Beneath him Alex was a writhing mess upon the mattress, his breathing erratic as he felt every sense of his going into over load, he couldn't tell what brought more pleasure, Rob's hand stroking him or Rob's dick slamming against the spot, driving him crazy with want. His body screamed for release, every time he thought that he was there, his body arched only for the teasing pleasure, the burning pleasure to carry on not yet there.

Then hit them both almost at the same time, both of them screaming as their climaxes exploded in them, their bodies shuddering. Rob buried himself deep in Alex as he came, his head thrown back, his lips parted and his eyes closed as he came, crying out his brother's name, his body melting into the pleasure. Alex gasped as he came, his seed spilling out over Rob's hand and his stomach, the heat of Rob's own release making him shiver as he felt it fill him. The whole mind blowing experience caused him to slump panting, Rob's body crashing on to his as they lay sated, their minds blank, their bodies tingling.

"Wow…" Alex murmured, his arms slipping around Rob's waist. "That was…"

"Amazing?" Rob finished when Alex didn't lifting his head enough to look at his brother, smiling slightly. "I know, I never knew fucking you could be so… hot."

"Yeah well remember who suggested it." Alex answered, resting his head against the pillow, staring at the ceiling.

"Me of course." Rob chuckled, nipping at the skin under Alex's chin. "Oh and another thing, what have I told you about fighting?"

Alex frowned looking at his brother. "How did you know?"

"Your teacher called." Rob chuckled, brushing his lips over Alex's. "Don't lie to me again."

"I won't."


"Oh and, you were right."

Rob looked up. "I was?"

Alex nodded and smiled. "I so crave this more than drugs."

Rob smiled and settled his head back on Alex's golden chest. "That's the way it works…"