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By Shion

The Horror

We never look above us
we only look around
But when we see nothing
we assume nothing's to be found
I do not believe you
you're lying once again
you begin to laugh
and I must frown again
I hate it when I smile
and I never liked the clowns
but now that you are laughing
I am nowhere to be found
I am blank and I am dead
The paintbrush in my hand
has written on my head
'Stupid' and 'Ugly'
and I think it's true
Because when you're laughing
you only benefit you
I am laying on the floor
and I am all alone
and though the TV might be on
It's so I don't hear the phone
I don't want you to call
I want to die alone
The words that are on my head
will carry through to the bone
The truth is hidden in my dead eyes
That I am all a fake disguise
in fact the only thing I own
is this lonely sin of my disguise
so open up your glass gray eyes
and see through me so I can die
I want to see you happy
and I want to see you laugh
But when hell has eaten me
You will want my cash
and take it, burn it,
you've earned it
Don't you feel special
Don't you feel grand
and when you come to visit me
You'll be dead and damned
And on my head, you will see
I am still stupid, and still ugly
But you will laugh, laugh like before
and I will break down, and be no more