18 July 2004
6:42 P.M.

Always just you and me
In you, I had a friend
I could always trust
I told you everything,
Never knowing you held
A knife in your hand.
And then I started to wonder
I'd heard things that gave me doubt
People were saying things about me,
Things I'd only told you
And so the first knife stabbed me,
Right in the back.
But always trusting,
I stayed your friend
I continued to tell you my secrets
And then one day another friend
Said you were talking about me
Another knife
But, ever trusting of you,
I stayed your friend
I continued to tell you all of my secrets
But one day, I heard you
Telling someone something untrue
About me.
Another knife
And so I suffered a fate worse than death
At the hands of my best friend
One, two, three knives
Right in my bad
A fate worse than death