A Letter/Poem For God

Dear God,
I have this problem you see...
I don't think anybody really loves me.
My skies are gray, and my clouds are black.
Mistakes have been made that I cannot take back.
My hands should be folded for this prayer of mine...
But I have been closed up for such a long time.
All I ask is for a little help...
In finding that love I have lost for myself.
I have hurt too much and too many today-
"I'm sorry" is less than what my heart wants to say.
My prayer grows longer as I sit here with You-
I only wish I could figure out what to do.
I would like to start over again-
And change what has been.
But my hardest task, the deepest of all...
Is to love myself and break through that wall.
I thank You for listening to what I had to say.
I know You probably hear these several times a day.
I will think about what You've said...
In my heart and in my head.
Good Night, God... Amen.