She woke up with nothing. No memory. Nothing at all. It was like a night's sleep made her into something so blank, almost lifeless. Around was nothing but darkness. She looked at herself but saw nothing but a haggard stranger. Her shirt and pants were ripped almost baring her chest. She doesn't know who she is; she has no idea where she was. Slowly, her numb body begun to feel. Blood flowed once again in her veins and soon her whole body cried in pain. She felt every wound there was. Without touching herself she pictured all the bruises, black and blue. Her head was stinging; almost splitting her into two. What have happened? She asked herself, but no memory of these came. She arose from slumber and helped herself as she leaned against the wall of the abandoned alley. She stood motionless, feeling the balmy breeze that touched gently her face. Soothing her senses, making her feel a bit better, somehow shifting her mind into a better condition than from her fatigue state.

In the main street, cars went by incessantly and she would hear the loud horns and sirens, and the earsplitting screeches of the tires. She wanted to cross the street and head for the two storey diner and maybe, just maybe one of the diner employee would spare her some bread crumbs and left over. With all the strength left, she crossed the busy street nearly getting hit by a car. That was a close call. She thought, but feeling content thinking that it will be worth it. The diner was packed with people, some are talking and some are just whispering but all of them are eating comfortably. As she grew near, she could practically savor the taste with the delightful aroma playing underneath her nostrils. She knocked three times at the kitchens backdoor and waited. She leaned her ear closer and heard the banging of the pots and pans, it sounded crowded and busy. And without any warning, all of a sudden, the door swung wide opened knocking her hard unto the ground. She heard loud voices, almost like there was a fight. A boy appeared with a scorn, looking very irritated. She was still in shock and lying on the floor when the boy saw her and offered a hand to help her up. Seeing the girl's face, he suddenly changed his mood and gave a smirk. Feeling confused, she froze still holding the boy's hand.

Under the glow of the street light he stared at her and asked her name but she did not reply for it was no good answering a question she doesn't know. The boy thought that she was mute and started to make silly signs, as if it was helping. Feeling foolish, the girl let out a shy smile and told the boy that he could actually talk and she asked him if he could spare her a piece of bread. Without a word, the boy pulled her towards the streets and they walked away. They passed by some stores with pretty lights, they even passed by some people who greeted them good evening. Her hand still in his, she asked him where they were going but he did not reply instead, he gave her a quick look and he smiled sweetly. As they were walking, she quietly peeked at his face. He doesn't look so bad, she thought. He was wearing loose pants, sweatshirt and a cap on his head. After a few minutes of tiring walk, he stopped in front of a smaller café. He guided her through some people and at the last table at the back portion, he asked her to stay. She saw him approaching the counter, giving his order. With nothing much to think, she felt her heart beating a rhythm. The scene she was in looked obscure, she wondered why the boy would spend when he only asked him for some left over, yet, no answer came into her mind as the scent of the food filled her stomach; reminding her of how hungry she was.

The boy arrived with his tray filled. He placed a bowl and a piece of bread, fresh from the oven. Next he placed a plate with steaming hot rice and a tasty looking viand. He smiled and offered her to eat. She looked around the table and saw that the food he bought was only enough for her. She bowed her head then placed a conspicuous gaze on his eyes, asking him why was he doing this. He glanced away and only told her that she should start eating or her food would be cold. She gulped up everything within a few minutes, and unknowingly the boy watched her as she ate. He had never thought that this girl was so hungry that she would finish a bit faster than he expected a girl would. After satisfying her hunger, she looked up unto him and smiled mirthfully. This was her first memory of feeling how happy she was. Looking at the boy's face, light glowed everywhere. Soon, the scene slowly vanished leaving her frightened and more confused. She reached out her hand so the boy would pull her away but it was like the he wasn't paying much attention to what was happening. Small tears rolled down from her eyes, she hasn't given yet her thanks to the boy who filled her with warmth. Little by little everything was covered in white. A voice came out of nowhere asking her to wake up, asking why her eyes were wet from tears. She opened her eyes and found herself muffled underneath a blanket in her comfy bed with a pillow covering her face. It was all a nights dream.