Once, I wept at the thought
That you and I will never be.
I used to dwell that you'll never accept me
Despite all the love within me.
I used to pray for your love,
And sometimes I still do,
But out of weakness, and not hope.
I used to be so blue.

But now, I've realised something so deep
Something so true within my soul:
Not a single soul is capable of loving me,
And it's something out of my control.
I know you think that I silly,
And that I think pessimistically,
But never have I felt something so strong
Or so, well, True, basically.

I've changed now, I have.
I don't cry at night no more.
Instead, I tell myself to keep my chin up,
And to get up of the floor.
I know that destiny wants me alone,
But alone doesn't mean sad.
I know, even though I want love so deeply,
Having none isn't so bad.

So no, I don't blame you for not loving me.
After all, every one's incapable of that desire.
But I'm no longer weighed down with my need of love,
I've decided to forever put out that dying fire.
I'll be strong, and I won't be hurt no more,
The lack of love is no longer painful like it was before.
I've grown up, and I won't dream of miracles like I used to.
Instead I'll tell others about how love can make you soar.