The Fire Inside
Lookin' out on the banks of the river,
It holds the illusion of a piece of glass.
The moonlight reflecting, shimmering across.
A single drop rippling it all.

The images blur, then return to normal.
Only to be disturbed again.
I feel the cool rain, beat down around me.
I soak it in, finally feeling free.

The waters of the river form a pattern,
And within that pattern of ripples is an answer.
A well kept secret of the water sprites that dwell.
Thier sweet song reaches my ears, calming my soul.

Now upon the other side of the bank, there is a maiden.
A golden aura around her, she glows with beauty.
She offers her hand,which i accept.
The rippling stops and the water is again glass.

She leads me across not touching the water.
Sylphs dances in our wake, bringing us to life.
As we reach the other side, everything goes dark.
The maiden is gone and the ripples have returned.

I look around, cold and confused.
But i see nothing but the river, shimmering moon,
And the ripples. They slowly tear me apart.
Then, I open my hand to reveal a light.

It glows and sparkles as I relize just what it is.
A smile grows on my face as the sprites song was heard oncemore.
That light was the fire inside of me,
My soul, my hopes, my dreams.

Even though the rain continues still, all around me there is life.
Roses bloom with radiant colours, the trees are thick and green.
Faeries dance within the patches of sunshine,
And always they bring to me that light, the fire inside.