Leviticus Said So

We owe them no apologies

After all, we're right

To take away their license

To a happy life together

Because Leviticus said so

Leviticus said a lot of things

Not to lie about weight

I suppose anorexics are doomed

To the same fate as gays

Because Leviticus said so

If you have a rash, you're unclean

Unless it covers your body

I suppose skin diseases are sinful

Avoid people with acne

Leviticus did say so

And a discharge is wrong as well

I suppose teenaged boys are doomed

But I thought males were superior

What would I know?

I just read Leviticus

Jesus said judge not

My friend hates a boy for being bi

Hates me for being Wiccan

And hates Kerry for not being Bush

Listen to what He said

Jesus would befriend anyone

Not out of pity or pride

So why can't we all be friends

Without preaching to one another

Listen to what He said

My friend ignores the Old Testament

Says it's not important anymore

Then why are Christians anti-gay

It's in the Old Testament

The one most people ignore

Part of believing in Jesus

Is believing what He said

To love your enemies

Denying them rights is not love

Neither is avoiding them