I get generalized
By government actions
Is the wind that
Waves the flag
I'm not a person
I'm part of an embodiment
I'm not a person
I'm an American!
-I'm a greedy man
With lots of money
A greedy man
Who shares none
Because some U.S. citizens
Are so economically exploiting
I'm a bloodthirsty man
With no sense
Because of a petty war
I'm a pigment
In the big picture!
No more individual emotions
They've been revoked by your regime
Pay up all of your taxes
So you can be free
Indulge in nationalism
Dig the hole to a greater depth
Stand tall with arrogance
Promote world-wide death!
I don't want to be represented
By some image that isn't me
I don't want to worship a flag and God
That only say I have liberty
I don't want representation
I don't want countries
Go and hail the eagle, dupe
And foam at the mouth!