From Peter To Cat
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It happened on the Twenty-First day
Of February--and it happened in a weird way,
Because Peter Regan has been transfered to
Another company branch in order to
Get some of their affairs squared away.

But that was before he'd suddenly got into
A nasty auto accident and sank into
A comatose state,until a kindly stranger
Was able to find the unconscious Peter
And carried him to his place to do
Some repair work on him,only to discover that
The body looked like a smashed fruit bat.

However,the brain was still intact and
He'd placed it with a very steady hand
Inside a beautiful woman named Cat.

After the Jennifer Love Hewitt type beauty
Finally opened her eyes and was able to see
Her new reflection in a mirror,a look of pure
Shock had appeared on her face,for the cure
Has done that to Peter Regan--to me.