Coral Marie Lozada
October 16, 2003
Period-3 ' '-Thought " "-Talking
Final Draft

Diamond Hearts Onto Nightmare Fantasies

" Will the heat ever go away!" My hands were drawn into tight fists shaking accusingly at the white fireball known as the southern sun. The humidity was so intolerable that the mosquitoes didn't dare to come out and one could actually see the moisture in the air. My lungs were collapsing under the unending torrent of unbreathable air. Hair sticking like Saran wrap to my sweat drenched neck and face. The Florida Keys were turning into a paradise gone astray.
" Por Dios! Coral, if you don't stop complaining we'll leave you in Miami with your Tia to clean the house." My mom isn't very compassionate when she is about to keel over from heat exhaustion.
Since, I didn't have a witty comeback I just kept my mouth shut, and concentrated on getting cool. My dad's forerunner didn't help because the AC decided it would be a wonderful week to breakdown. So now I was imprisoned inside a huge forest green dragon that couldn't breathe fire correctly, and so the flames were licking it's whole interior.
" Coral if you want after we find somewhere to eat we'll go swimming." My dad said to lighten up the mood and get my mom off of glaring at me.
In the entire three weeks that we had been in Florida I had gone to the beach a total of zero times and had my mom screaming and dragging me to all the antique stores and weird malls she could find. About the only thing that brought color and life into the rather dull and humid vacation was the fairie bracelet my mom had bought me. It was gorgeous and looked incredibly real. My dad and mom had gone to this strange nature store and found it. As far as I know it could have been an authentic piece from the Fairie Realm itself. The band itself was sterling silver, but not very impressing. The wings looked like the tattered ones on an ancient dragon with diamonds on them. The diamonds caught your attention first; they looked so alive and seemed to be tattooed on. Then you saw the fairie's sapphire eyes that spoke of a depth unreachable to mortal knowledge. The fairie had a gown quite similar to that of Tinkerbell from the " Peter Pan" movie. Its hair was spiked up in a fresh pixie cut.
I was whipped out of my thoughts by an insane laughing coming from just outside my window. I looked up and was struck dumb by the chaotic sight before me. The little store my parents had gone in was ripped in two, like a [1]photo that a toddler tears in anger. My parents were just a little ways from the car and had fallen down like dead weights. I jumped out and ran towards them. I flipped my mom on her back and immediately wished I hadn't. The skin on her face and neck had been scrapped off and you could see every muscle and sinew, even the veins that were now useless. The laughing grew louder and I felt the earth shake beneath my legs. I felt my self-slipping into a haze, the whole world turning into a portrait of obscure objects and fleeting shadows. The last thing I saw before a black veil covered me was my mom's face contorted in pain and the blood seeping out of her eyes.
When I came to I was besieged with the images of my parents and then I heard the laughing again, like nails on a chalk board it screeched and echoed in the walls of my mind. I opened my eyes and felt the pressure of the heavy blackness pound against my soft eyeballs. I slowly got up and tried to get my self-adjusted to such darkness. I felt dizzy and my limbs couldn't quite hold my weight. I screamed at the blackness with all the rage and furry I could muster.
" It's your fault. Let me out of this perpetual nightmare! Let me out." My voice trembled with the promise of unshed tears.
" Ah, but you see my sweet little precious if I let you go then the Queen wouldn't be happy. Come you should like goblin paradise. The night ruling all and no one ever seeing you do your dastardly deeds. Just stay a bit and play," said an unhumanely high-pitched voice.
I didn't answer, to scared to even let out a peep. I thought about finding a way out the adrenalin pumping like blood through my veins. I ran blindly away from the voice praying that I didn't end up at some dead end with a monster ready to make me its meal. I ran for what seemed ages and bumped into a wall. I ran my fingers over it to see if there were any crevasse so I could climb instead I found a knob. I turned it and the wall swung open revealing a blinding light. I stepped forward grateful to be out of the dark and into the light drenched meadow. I felt exhausted and starved so I laid down in the velvet soft grass. I had not been asleep for more than an hour when someone roughly kicked me in the stomach.
" Wake up you little wench. Why do you come and sleep on our meadow? I say we take her to the Prince and let him deal with her," said an amazingly scuff voice.
I was still trying to recover from the last nauseating blow when the owner of the voice picked me off the ground by my hair and hit me upside the head with some type of blunt object. The hit did its job and I was yet again unconscious.
" My Lord the wench is stirring. Where should we put her?" Came the scruffy voice of my capturer.
" You pathetic fool! That is the last Crystal Heart holder. Take her to my chambers and have Emerald tend to her needs. Which I think should foremost be a bath, she reeks of sweat and Goblin stench." This was a completely new voice. This one demanded power and obedience, but yet it was also very soft and almost warm in a haphazard way.
I thought better about opening my eyes and kept them closed. Just in case they thought I was some street person and threw me out of were ever I was.
I made a mental note to talk to the scruffy sounding guy, and give him a long talk about calling me a wench. 'Oh and let us not forget about the whole hitting me upside the head and kicking me in the stomach thing.'
I felt someone place me on a soft surface.
" It's okay if you open your eyes human. I've got to see if what the castle is buzzing about is true." This voice was defiantly warm and dripped with honey.
I opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She could make the most innocent beauty turn jealous. She had eyes the color of jade that were wide open and set off perfectly by ebony colored eyelashes. Her face, which was flawless, was perfectly framed by a mane of ebony curls. The weirdest thing about her was the fact that she had two protrusive wings from her back. They were green and black like the tattered ones of my bracelet, but hers didn't have diamonds on them. Apart from the entrancing colors there wasn't much to goggle about.
" Where am I and does anybody have a bottle of Advil. That dude that hit me needs to learn manners!" I could have gone up to him whatever he was and kicked him were it would hurt the most. Lets see how much he likes his own medicine.
" You're weird. The man that brought you in is Brengon; he is the captain of our Lordship's army. He is a little brutish, but that is his way, he is a half-breed of an elf and a dwarf. By the way my name is Emerald Fay of the Water Pixies." Her voice was so strange I couldn't quite place my finger on it but something about her accent gave me the feeling I had met her before.
Emerald helped me into the lavatory, which was drenched in gold and bathed in alabaster. The Prince was right I did need a bath, so I sank deep into the porcelain tub and let the hot water engulf me. All the pain and fear I felt was rinsed away. This Prince guy really knew how to treat his guest, or maybe the place was enchanted. I couldn't help but think that maybe magic was at work, because I would wish something was there and it would pop up.
" You know that I could have thrown you out, but I thought you looked a lot like the Vampire Princess." There was that voice again the one that belonged to the Prince.
" What are you doing? Don't you know that it is invasion of my privacy? What is every man in this place immune to good manners! Get out!" My voice was soaked with venom I could kill this guy. Here I was trying to take a bath and he had the audacity to come in and talk to me while I was naked.
"Well while you are not as clothed as I would like you to be this is my house nonetheless and I expect you to get dressed and meet me in my study promptly." His voice sounded so deep and vibrated off the alabaster walls giving the illusion that he filled every part of the room with his essence.
I gulped down my next comment and stared at the long shiny white fangs that were protruding from his upper jaw. His smirk grew when he became aware of my eyes dilating in horror.
' My god! This guy is a vampire and I just pissed him off. My mom is right I need to think before I talk. I wonder if I just keep quite and don't look directly at him if he will let me live.' I looked at his face one more time and was transfixed. I was starting to get the impression that everyone was gorgeous in this place. I mean this guy had pale skin almost the color of cream and piercing blue eyes, like the color of the deepest part of the ocean. His hair fell seductively over his eyes giving him the innocent look of a toddler. He wore black leather pants that were slung low on his hips and a long blue tunic to mach his eyes.
" You know it's not nice to stare and I think you should change before you get sick. Oh before I forget my name is Prince Daimion, but you may call me Die." His voice was hushed and wet with sarcasm.
He gave me one more fang showing smirk and vanished right before me. I hurried out and dressed in the clothes that Emerald had laid out for me. They were simple a pair of black silk pants and a green tunic of some soft but alien material. When I was done and had opened the chamber doors, two little boys much like Emerald were waiting to escort me to the Prince's study. The little boys I learned were named, Chuwbacca and Moonman, they were cherubs. That explained their lack of size. The castle from what I could see was a never-ending maze of passages, all the different staircases you could imagine, and an infinite number of rooms. We reached the ninth floor and stopped in front of two huge redwood doors heavily ornamented with white gold dragons. I pushed them open and came face to face with a room the size of a football field. Lining up the walls like all knowing kings were books of every shape, color, size, and language. He sat in the middle of the room daring me to come into his domain.
I cautiously stepped in and walked towards him keeping my eyes glued to his. I was not about to be pushed around by anyone I don't care if he was a vampire. I had read enough about them back home to know how to kill one. As soon as I thought of home memories of my mom and dad washed over me. I had to stop and close my eyes to hide the pain I felt.
"It's okay to cry. I know what happened I saw everything. I'm ashamed to say I might have contributed to your pain." He sounded sincere, but I still couldn't open my eyes, to scared to see the truth in his.
I heard him take a step and grab one of my hands in his. He wasn't deathly cold but very warm. I opened my eyes in surprise and saw just how deep his eyes were. It sounded so cliché but I could actually drown in eyes like that.
" Why am I here and where is here?" My voice no longer trembled I sounded like my confident self.
" You are in the Fairie Realm, and you are here because I have summoned you, or more precisely the diamond hearts have called you." Die didn't look straight at me but at my bracelet that hung loosely on my wrist.
He didn't let me talk but lead me to a couch and told me everything he knew about the events that had occurred. We spent the whole morning talking about the Crystal Heart holders and the importance of me giving up mine. By midafternoon I had a grasp on what I was supposed to do to save my butt and bring back my parents.
" Okay so let me see if I got it right. I give up my heart crystal and voila I go home and my parents are alive. Don't call me a skeptic but I don't trust this whole plan."
" Well nothing will happen to you physically, but there is no guarantee that when you wake up you'll forgotten this whole thing. Visiting the Fairie Realm or talking to me." Now he looked at me pleadingly.
" How will I get the crystal out?" my voice had become shaky at the prospect of pain.
" Brengon and I will escort you to the Sapphire Caves and there you will speak with Dermiter, she will take you to Cypher. He is the King of all the Elementals and don't you dare backtalk him. If you truly want to see your family you'll do as he says."
I looked at my bracelet as if to find some answer there instead I had flashbacks of when I was a little girl. ~Start Flashback~
" Mami, can you sing me a song. Por Favor?" My mom came and sat down at the edge of my bed and began to stroke my hair.
" Coral if you promise to go to sleep then I'll sing you one song. Only one okay mi amor." I nodded my head and buried myself into my pillow to listen to my mother's voice. Like syrup it flowed effortlessly and lulled even the angels to sleep.

I could stay awake just to hear you breathing Watch you smile while you are sleeping While you're far away and dreaming I could spend my life in this sweet surrender I could stay lost in this moment... forever O'every moment spent with you Is a moment I treasure

She finished the song and I was not yet quite asleep so she would lay down next to me and rock me like a baby.
" Coral, I love you so much. The angels in heaven sent me my own little treasure and the fairies will help me watch over you. Now go to sleep mi amor."
I would lie there smelling the sweet smell my mom gave off like roses only softer, and I would go to sleep with her words echoing in my ear. ~End of Flashback~
" I'll do it when do we leave." I didn't care what happened I needed to see my family again.
Daimion didn't get a chance to answer me because the doors were blasted open and three gorgon like creatures burst in.
" We want the girl and your head Vamp Boy," croaked out the biggest of the monsters.
" To bad because I can't give up either. Now you must excuse my bad manners, but my mom told me never to let in filth like you."
In a blink of an eye Die had jumped the couch and sank his canine fangs into the head gorgons neck. The other came hurling towards me. I stood rooted to my spot and then something snapped, I had to fight them. I jumped out of their way and grabbed one of the many swords that hung on the wall. The next series of things was unbelievable. Die jumped at one of the remaining beast and I swung my rushed headlong into the other one. I felt the steel of my sword sink into the gorgon's stomach. The breaking of bone, ripping of sinew, and finally the nauseating squash of skin on the other side breaking rattled in my ears. My inner core was shaken by the fact that I had just killed a living thing. I had massacred someone.
" We must hurry the Queen will send more." Daimion's voice broke me out of my stupider.
It was midnight when we left the castle. It would take to long to walk to the caves so Die sent for dragons. They seemed more terrifying in real life. The one I was riding was call Nor and she was the size of a small house. Her scales were so blue they looked black and they had beryl sewn in them. Her wings were silk branded with silver lining. I was now equipped with the sword I killed the gorgon with and a smaller dagger in the inside of my shoe. We flew in silence, three great shadows in the moonlit sky. All I could think about was seeing my mom again, and how I would never be a spoiled brat.
The sun was just soaking light into the sky when we reached the caves. Once we landed the dragons took flight again, they would be waiting a little ways from the entrance. As we were walking I heard the same insane laughter I heard in the darkness, vibrate out of the cave. In less than a second I saw Die reduced to a pile of ashes and Brengon had a spear going right through his head. I screamed and ran into to the nearby forest.
" Ashes to Ashes. Dust to Dust. some little princess will die by my hand tonight." That voice sounded so familiar. It clicked that was the voice I heard in the darkness.
I kept running and tripped over a fallen tree.
" Well my pretty we meet again. Let's see how well you can fight without your vampire and that half-breed."
I turned to face a hideous face. The eyes were poked out and all you saw was the vacant sockets, the nose was broken, and the skin was melted. The lips were painful slits and a forked tongue flicked out every few seconds. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and the last thing I remember was thinking how dumb I was. I kept fainting or blacking out. The thing would surely kill me now that I was helpless to fight.
"Coral, wake up!"
" Mmmm. Don't kill me. I just want to see my mom."
" Coral what are you talking about you silly girl wake up."
My eyes popped open at the sound of my mom's voice. I looked around and found I was still in my dad forerunner. I almost jumped with glee.
" Mami, I love you soo much and if I ever say I don't, slap me." I felt so relieved that I was back in my world, or was the whole thing a dream.
My mom looked at me weird and handed me an empanada and a coke. I ate happily and right before my dad took us swimming I pulled a small dagger from my shoe. -----------------------