When lost within my soul my mind wanders
and fades into the distance leaving me alone
with she who sits before the screen
she of blank eyes and frozen tears
who weeps who knows what for
and sighs as if heart broken
although she knows no love
and has no fears to hide from yet shivers at every sound
like something haunted or hunted
expecting that unseen predator to snap her up at any moment
break her neck and strip the bruised flesh from those broken bones

She's weeping even now
The keys ablur beneath her flying fingertips
Do you hear the rattle and scatter
As if some hunt goes on beneath dried leaves
The predator pounces and prey escaped with out its tail
Squealing into the underbrush
only to be hunted again by something bigger meaner fiercer
More relentless than hunger
More desperate then hate

When lost within my soul
my mind is strapped to sterile surfaces
where the filth of its debts can be prodded and poked
cajoled into releasing its richest treasures
its greatest finds
its darkest moments ..
yet everything is fine
and she continues to type
despite the pain behind those brown eyes
despite the pressure in that concave chest
despite the tears blurring the words making them softer
easier to those unused to the truths of these midnight revelations

even in this pain even in this stupor she thinks of those who may happen upon these words
this painfully encrypted code which few will discover and even less will seek to find
do you see it

when she awakens and finds herself before this blank screen
tears cold on her face she will sigh once more
and pull her mind back into focus
now swept clean of everything dangerous
now devoid of that darkness now lain bare
she will wipe her face on her sleeve
check the time and try to decipher the code I've left for her there
do you see it

11:14 pm