Cut Outs

You are the ultimate judge

Of other people's lives

And who God should love

You choose survivors

Here's a picture of the world

And a pair of scissors

Cut out every non-Christian

Nation from the world

See what you have left

Now we'll focus on appearance

Cut out every person

Of a different race

Still more work to do

Look at the abomination

Cut out the homosexuals

Because you think they're wrong

Now cut out non-Christians

Because they denied God's word

Even when you prayed for them

And witnessed to them

And why not cut out females

They caused original sin

And tempted those innocent men

Men are better off

We're still not happy

With what you've done

There are still more wrongs

You can correct

Cut out anyone who's sinned

Just count the sins you know

And are familiar with

Who haven't asked forgiveness

It says in Leviticus that rashes,

Discharges, and mildew

Are associated with sin

Make a few more cuts

Eventually, you'll see

God's chosen people

And you'll know who to trust

From this activity

Look at who would remain

Think about who wouldn't

Be glad it was just paper

You were cutting

When you eliminated all

But straight, white Christian males

Who asked for forgiveness

Your picture didn't last

You're horrified, aren't you?

I imagine God is too

Because you tried to destroy His people

Who He loves no matter what

You tried to destroy

Those that your God promised to forgive

Even if they sinned

So did you