A/N:  Something I thought of as I attempted sleep.  Hope you like it!  ^-^

DISCLAIMER:  My poem.  My ideas.  My property.  You all get the idea. 

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A drop of the night

The voices of day

Light rains from the sky

Soft winds carry it away

Blue and orange merge with pink

A desert sun yet dares not seek

The clouds roll by

Adorned in black

Their twilight dance with the stars

Never looking back

A slight voice of thunder

Yet rain does not break through

Lightning flashes with power

A dream to come true

The deep, blue skies threaten

The wind, how she cries

Till the breaking of night

A desert sunrise

~Ok, so I tried to sleep; got nowhere; and wrote this.  Sorry if it's choppy; but it's 2AM; and I'm trashed. X.X;;  So, yeah.  Don't mind it if it is. ^^;; Please R/R!  3