AN:  Something else I wrote earlier.  For a dear friend.  ^-^  Again, 2AM; tired as hell; so if some of it sucks- cut me some slack, ok?

DISCLAIMER:  You know the drill.  My poem.  Too tired, and lazy to write down the rest.  ^^;;

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She gazes out onto the world from above

A summit to soothe her

A break from 'Clown Love'

A being of night

She walks tall in the day

Shakes off her emotions

And skips off to play

The night brings her true self

The one locked behind walls

One step to her room

And this bright angel falls

'Faygo' and 'Carnivals' are her mask that she wears

She smiles and acts cute

Even for those who don't care

More to this woman than what meets the eye

I know how she feels

In the dark

When she cries

For we are alike

But yet she is not me

A damned, and dark spirit

Never to be set free

But as I pass through

I won't let this one quit

She has done only good

Although most don't give a shit

The mountains her haven

The cool stream her release

A soft wind to greet her

For a moment, at peace

Away from the love that dare not speak it's name

Away from the one that fears for her pain

Falling to green earth

Where only memories remain

Higher and higher up the mountain, she climbs

Forever searching for solstice

Never running from time

One love comes to greet

Yet a friend moves away

A fight brought them to distance

The guilt still with her today

The fault was not hers

It was his own indeed

An attempt to make up

A hope to succeed

Blue skies await thee

White clouds soon await

The climb grows more treacherous

But don't underestimate

Orange tears in the dark

A warm smile by day

Come closer, Black Mountain

And sail her away

~*~For Mimi~*~

~Please R/R!  But, no flames; please.  This was written for a dear friend; and flaming would be- well, bad.  ^^;; 

But, first, to clear things up:

CLOWN LOVE- ICP terminology.  Your basic sign of friendship.

CARNIVAL- Reference to the 'Dark Carnival.'  ICP.  IE: her favorite band.

FAYGO- A brand of soda pop.

BLACK MOUNTAIN- Mountain that we're hiking later today.  ^-^   Beautiful, and peaceful place.

~Yep.  Drop me some love, peeps!  ^_^

PS:  Thanks for the poem, Mandy.  For Mimi, I mean. ^-^  She passed out not long ago; but she wanted me to send out an extra thanks to you.  ^-^  You're a sweetie to do such things for people.  ;;-;;  We luffies you!  3