You're white
As white as they come,
Yet you shroud yourself
In a veil of black.

Outwardly you appear happy
But inside you're a troubled soul.
I know this
Because I know you.

You tell me nothing's wrong,
But I know it's not true.
I can see it in your face,
In your eyes.

You tell me you don't care,
But I think you do.
At least you did once,
Back when we were something.

You tell me you never loved me,
But I know it's a lie
Because I hear you crying
That night on the phone.

You tell me I'm dead to you,
But I think you're the one who died
Because a part of you never moved on
When you said good bye.

Your cold heart
Swims in a pool of blood
Just as your white face
Floats in a sea of black.