You scold me for not hearing you,
But you have no reason.
The doors are closed,
And I'm listening to music.
You yell up the stairs,
To a closed door,
Then you knock on the wall,
To get my attention
Get off your lazy but
And just come upstairs.
But when you do,
Don't yell at me.
Cuz, then you loose,
Any respect I gave you.
When you come to me,
And make that long trip up 13 steps,
Tell me what you want to tell me,
Don't start yelling your head off.
I'm tired of you.
I'm just tired of you.
So just leave me alone.
Go on with your life.
And learn to be not lazy; I know it's a new concept,
But look what you've done to me,
I'm just as lazy as you,
I don't have any motivation to do anything,
And it's because of you.
So when you want me to be a better person,
Work on yourself first.