Trapped in a snow globe
I seek for your warmth
Where are you?
Encased in my tears
Cry forever
This world is just black and white
You seek to be in my room
You want to be the color in my life
But all I want to do
Is run from you
Push you away
Don't come back
Where is my heart in this hole?
I've captured your interest
And you wont go away
Whisper sweet nothings in my ear
You hold me against you
Never letting go
But all I want is someone else
Someone else to be the color of my life
This world is bleak
Just on replay
It's the same thing over and over
With you all be just one thing
All I will do is warm your bed
I'm trapped in a snow globe
And I can't get out
An endless winter awaits me
But he'll be here someday
I can't be sad anymore
My love for him would be endless
But you keep coming back
To claim me
But sometimes you're so seductive
The snake on Adam and Eve
You think you've claimed me
But I'll break your chain
And you'll soon see that we're not
Meant to be
Then I will seek the true fire
The fire that will engulf me forever
In his embrace
His kiss and touch will scorched
My body
Every kiss would be a flame of ecstasy
But for now I'll be here
Sitting in my room
Thinking of him and creating him
And at the same time try to
Escape you
Break out of my snow globe
And out of my everlasting winter