No one ever really knew what had happened to the family down the lane. They seemed to have just disappeared over night or something, but no one had seen boxes or trucks that indicated a move. The big crème yellow Victorian style house stood empty between two other blue and white Victorian houses. The yard was un tidy, weeds sprawling about every where as if they were trying to escape, grass rising up higher each day, windows becoming dusty and dark. It was beginning to bother the neighbors because all lawns and gardens were worked on until they were perfect as could be to the owners; each owner took a special pride in their garden, mostly to help accent the house to visitors, practically telling them of their wealth.

People would visit the house but the neighbors wouldn't see them again but finally it happened. It was about six months later when a silver Tiburon GT followed by a black Porsche pulled into the driveway. A man and a women stepped out of the Tiburon, two girls from the Porsche, one girl around the age of fourteen, the other around seventeen. The neighbors watched cautiously from their windows hoping not to draw attention, but still trying to see exactly all that they could about the new neighbors.

"Oh Tom! It's beautiful," Anne gasped as she looked upon the house. "A bit unruly in the garden, but with a little work it'll be just like home!" Anne wrapped her arms around her husband and walked in with him. "Angela, tell me again why we had to move again?" Heather asked. "Because the doctor said mom needed to get out of the city or else her condition might get worse." She replied. Angela looked down at her sister and said, "You could at least pretend to be happy." "I had to leave all of my friends and we're living in an old people neighborhood." Angela wrapped an arm around her sister's shoulders and grinned. "Yea, there is that, but it's for mom, so try to be happy about it."

They walked up the white steps onto the porch and through the glossy oak door, eyes widening at the sight before them. It was a beautiful medium sized hallway with subtle yellow walls, a white set of stairs came to the center of the room and bent off to the right and left midway up. Two small oak tables sat on either side of the stairs with vases of flowers atop. From the hallway you could see two hallways leading off to other astonishing rooms. To their right there was a little step up leading to a beautiful sun room, old fashioned chairs and cabinets with flowers and silky soft fabric decorated and matched the yellow room, darker yellow curtains with green fringes siding the large windows. To their left was a red room, an astonishing oriental rug was underneath the dining room dark rosewood table and chairs, a large oak glass cabinet standing against the right wall with blue and white china encased inside it. The windows were adorned with a darker red fabric for curtains. The color seemed to be more like burgundy to Angela, the bottoms lined with gold fringes.

"Girls, go upstairs and pick out a room." Shouted their mother from the library. The girls, forgetting all of their sadness, rushed up the stairs, opening each door trying to find the best room in the house. Angela was glad she was faster. She chose the tower room for her own, her sister choosing the one next to it. What really surprised her was how there was furniture already here. She walked into the light blue room. There was a closet next to her door, an oak dresser/ vanity set to her left, bookcases on either side of the circular window seats and a wooden canopy bed finished in blue sheets and cases, a small night table beside the bed. Heather popped into her room from a wooden door off to the side that connected their rooms. 'I hope I remember to cement that door soon.' Angela thought to herself.

As Angela looked around the room, her mother knocked on the door. "Sweetie, are you ok?" her mother asked gently. Angela turned around. "Oh yea! I'm fine, why?" Her mother walked in and closed the door, and headed to the window seats, Angela joining her. "Well, I'm a little worried about you and Heather. I feel bad that we had to move because of me and all." "Mom, its fine. Heathers ok with it. It's just going to take time to adjust." Her mother nodded and stood up. "Good thing school starts soon. You can meet new people now, have a new life." Angela stared vacantly as she walked out, wondering about what school would bring.

The day grew dark and already, the lawn was cut and the garden was beginning to look tamable. She walked downstairs and into the dinning room where dinner was already there. Her mother brought out more dishes and sat down beside her father at the head of the table. It was unusually quiet at the table, mostly because Heather was so tired and still a little upset about the move. "I hope you guys like the furniture. It belonged to the people who owned the house before us." Her dad said. "Why'd they leave it here?" Heather asked idly. Their dad shrugged his shoulders. "No one knows. From what I gathered from the neighbors they just disappeared from the house." Heather and Angela looked at each other and back at their parents. "Oh by the way, tomorrow night we'll be going over to the neighbors house. They're throwing a welcoming party for us." "An adult party only." Her father added quickly. Their mother rolled her eyes and said, "But they have a son around your age Angela who'll come over tomorrow after noon. We invited them for lemonade and things just to introduce you to them. They're very nice people, but you don't have to stay too long with us. You're fathers going to install the big TV in the basement, and then put your TV's in your rooms just like old times." Angela weakly smiled and continued to pick at her food the rest of the time.

"No one just disappears from a house without anyone knowing about it." Heather said as she sat on Angela's bed. "You know you do have your own room. All you have to do it open that door and I could hear you. Probably even with it closed." Heather stuck her tongue out causing Angela to say "Real mature." Angela sat in front of the mirror, brushing her mid-back length brown hair, hazel eyes staring right back at her. Her slender golden fingers gently followed the brush down her hair. She finally set it down on the table and turned to look at Heather. "I'm sure they just left in the middle of the night for something and just didn't feel like returning. Look I'm tired Heather, I've been driving all day and I'd like to get some sleep." Heather cast her eyes down and didn't move. Angela walked over and sat beside her, resting her hand reassuringly on Heathers shoulder. "Look, you can leave the door open tonight and if you really feel weird in that room you can come sleep with me. For one night only!" Heather smiled and hugged her sister.

She didn't know what time it was but the shaking of her shoulder slowly roused her from her sleep. Propped up on one elbow, Angela hazily looked up at her sister and frowned. "Heather what are you doing?" she asked in a low voice. "Angela, there's someone in the house." "Yea mom and dad." She replied and laid back down. "No!" Heather said as she shook her again. "There's someone else. I heard them.I saw them. They were at my door looking straight at me." Angela knew that she wouldn't go away and the fright in her voice made her move over to let her sister lay down. Heather turned over and stared at her sister. "I'm really serious, there is someone in this house." Angela was about to retort when she heard footsteps, walking slowly in the hallway. "You see, there is someone in the house!" Heather whispered softly. Angela stared at her through half opened eyes. "It's probably dad. He always up early to get something to eat." "It's only three in the morning!" "Heather, go to sleep. I'm closest to the door and if anyone is actually in the house I'll stop them for you ok?" Heather looked at her and nodded, clutching her bear tighter to her as she slowly fell asleep. Angela turned on her other side. But something made her blot up. Something passed by her door, and it wasn't her parents. Maybe there was someone in the house. Angela got up and quickly shut both doors, hesitating to stare at them before returning to bed. Quickly falling asleep, letting the shadows keep watch over them.