Dixie Ditz

Jonathan smells like old spice deodorant
hes all sad cause he has no girl
he thinks I care that he cries at night
but me I don't give a darn
don't give a darn
me I don't give a darn

yvette sits on the side of my bed
staring at the TV screen
shes starting a business and she don't know when
but me iam an outlet queen
an outlet queen
me iam an outlet queen

Nikiesha lives on a tropical island
She has a house and a bran new car
Shes a nurse but she has no purse
Cause she cant keep a dime it seems
Dime it seems
She cant keep a dime it seems

Ivy moved way out to the UK
Shes been gone for near three years
I called her last week but she was asleep
So I didn't call back again
Call again
No I didn't call back again

Me iam here with my little dog freeway
Sitting at the computer screen
Freeway wants to go out side
But its too hot for me
Too hot for me
Yeah its to hot for me

No you better not pee on my new blanket
You better not poop on my clean white tile
Youd better shut up or ill give you away
And you aint coming back again
back again
Youd better hold you're bowels my poor lil dog
or you aint coming back again'

*I know its goofy but I was listening to this dixie chicks cd nd the tune for 'Long time gone' got stuck in my head so I just rote my family into the song .lol.!!!