Written b Felicia Spencer

AN: I'm still in my decision faze of deciding on wheather I should stay or
go. I wanted to personally thank Nikki Blue, Drownding with tears, and
JulieMohamed for the advice and encouragement I needed to post another
poem. Thanks also goes out to everyone that has supported me through all of
this. I've been going through a very rough time lately, and I wanted to
quit writing for a while. Anyway I'll still think it over, and I will let
you guys know my decision the next time I post Aight. Anyways here's
another poem that I wrote, and I really liked the outcome of it. It's a
personal poem to me, because this is something I've been doing a lot of
lately. Let me shut my trap so you people can read my poem. Remember to
smile. It'll not only brighten your day, but someone else's as well. Just
don't smile at weirdos, pervs, and nutcases. (Trust me) TTFN.

I sit near the river's end
Contemplating the meaning of life
Were we really meant to be happy
Or are we doomed to a life of strife

I contemplate my existence on this Earth
What is my purpose supposed to be
Am I meant to do greater things
Are others supposed to look up to me

I comtemplate the meaning of life
Why are there so many wars
We're always fighting one another
But what are we fighting for

I sit here in contemplation
As the sun hits my brown skin
I contemplate my role on this Earth
And yet I'm marred with sin

I'm far from being perfect
Yet what difference could I make
I'm just a woman who has her faults
As I sit here and contemplate

I won't say that I wont try to be better
I still have a long way to go
But if I wasn't alone on this quest
Then together we would all grow

Maybe that's how one can make a difference
With teamwork we can overcome
I'm so glad that I had time to contemplate
As I make my way back home