Moving on
Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: Another poem about......ya guessed it...angst. Even my mom teases me
about the abundance of angst poetry I have. I can't help it ok. It's sad I
know. Anyway guys/gals here's another poem about me not getting the guy.
Hope you like it, and if you do then press that lil review button. TTFN.

I miss your tender loving
The love that we once shared
All promises faded away
As if you never cared

The bond that held us close
Has finally torn today
The laughter that filled the room
Has finally went away

I've cried a billion tears
I'll probaly cry some more
I'll miss your love eternally
I'll miss it now I'm sure

Too bad it couldn't last
I'd thought it'd be forever
I thought you love me always
I thought we'd be together

Time has run out for us
The hour is near it's end
I'll try to pick up the pieces
And start all over again