A/N:  This is something I wrote when I heard, and saw my best friend go from bright, and cheery- to depressed, and surrounded by tears.  Mostly due to some emotional issues; and the like.  Mandy knows what I mean.  ::nods::  For the rest of you; I'll just say he's having some tough times with things.  I wanted to tell him how I felt; so I came up with this special piece.  Please do not flame; as a lot of love went into writing this; and it holds a place in my heart for me.  Try to guess who the homie is, Mandy.  ^-^  ::wink::  Think back to who was, and still is my best bud.  ^-~ You'll figure it out.  ^_^ As for the rest of you; enjoy!  3

DISCLAIMER:  My poem.  A lot of work went into this; so please do not use any of it without my permission.  Thank ya, juggelos; and enjoy your stay! ^-^

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Cheer up, darling angel

Your best is yet to be shown

Treasures from the great beyond

From the skies, they're lightly thrown

I know that you've been down lately

I'm sure I've caused you pain

But do not quit, darling homie

Because the summit always remains

Your tears find you like a river

An angel's tears washing onto the floor

A silent vow for death to come

But it won't forevermore

I know I can be annoying sometimes

With my talk of 'Faygo' and 'ICP'

But know throughout the mask of play

Lies the true face of what is me

The one that met you so long ago

The one who saw through your walls

The friend that is there to lift your heart

When it trips and takes a fall

I'm not just a girl of play

But a woman of love and trust

So know that so many love you truly

Not for a sickened lust

When my ex wife went to break me

You picked up my pieces of shame

You fixed them all with just a promise

Held my hand when the storm clouds came

So now here I am to be there for you

Just as you have me

I love you so much more than just a best friend

But that can never come to be

You are not attracted to my gender, dear one

And I am taken for all time

But if I could change the years, and fate

I'd claim your heart as mine

I gaze at you from across the way

And wonder how it came to be

That such an angel of beauty and light

Would waste so much time with me

I'm not a superhero, or famous star

Or anyone great, really

Just a spirit, now wandering ghost

Left to wander here eternally

Your gorgeous hair of wavy, blue

Your sweet, soft, gentle aura

Leaves me speechless in every way

Like Polaris to Aurora

The love within your heart of gold still mesmerizes me

Your sparkling eyes that pales the blue sky

Leaves me speechless every time I gaze

Though I must not reveal yet why

You see, my darling angel

We took a vow to stay as friends

I don't want a moment of what could fall

To be our very end

Maybe someday I will tell you all

Beyond the silent mask of me

But for now I stand still

And not make waves

Just a 'homie' for all to see

I love you more than what you'll know

If you leave, I'd surely die

I'd blame myself, and all that I am

And forever ask the stars why

Why let an angel slip away

Into the cold, dark breaths of night

Why cut the thread of someone so strong

Who has never given up his fight

But, for now I leave you

All secrets told

If you've read between the lines

Search into your heart of purest gold

And the Summit, you shall then find

~*~Written for my very special, 'homie-bitch.'  3 ~*~

~Please R/R.  And in case you ask; that's a playful nickname I gave him a long time ago.  ^-^ Thanks so much!  ^-^

Hey Mandy, who had thought that I'd become a poet?  ^-~