Love in stories is so very different,
It never ends in tears,
And even when all hope seems so lost,
There's still nothing for you to fear.

Can you make love a fairy tale?
So I would never cry?
You would know everything about me,
Even the colours within my eyes.

Can love be caught on tape?
To hold within your grasp,
Something so special,
It just has to last.

Do words really get across,
What you mean to me?
I couldn't live without you babe,
I simply wouldn't be.

Can't you see the tears?
Streaming from my eyes,
These were caused by you boy,
Please don't say goodbye.

Can't you write a book babe?
Make us last forever,
Just my final wish,
Never do say never.

Can you really love me babe?
And never bid goodbye?
And if you really can't,
Just leave and don't lie.

Can you write me a fairy tale?
Just to keep me safe,
And once your love for me leaves,
I can have illusion in its place.

Can you kiss me one last time?
I want to taste you on my lips,
To savoir a memory that I loved,
You truly made me live.

By Siobhan
Date: 23/July/2004