Obsession- an excessive preoccupation of thoughts or feelings; the
persistent haunting or dominion of the mind by a particular desire, idea,
or image
Webster Dictionary- 1913

I covet you on my highest pedestal
Worshiping in idolization
My heart is lacking
Without your face
My words show no meaning
Until you speak
I see no flaws
Only perfection
Why God sent you to earth
I don't understand
Was it to tantalize me?
With something I can never possess
Torcher of my light
Save my soul from darkness
From the dimness of an archaic life
Save me from the fire
Of obsession
Giving me sweet desire
Constant thoughts of you
Until I slip away and dream
Even then you possess my soul
I don't want to be free
I don't want to be enslaved
I can't stop myself
There is no life
Without you

By Katie