Welcome to a story by Eyes Unclouded. I will be your tour guide today. Rem, at your service!

New Readers:
This isn't my first story, but it's the first one I think I might actually finish (so happy). I am an anime fan, a former Star Wars aficionado, and a fantasy-lover, so I hope I can combine these influences to create something exciting.

Here are the bare bones of the plot: Three friends live in a country plagued by constant warfare. When one dies, another goes to avenge her. The main character Dojima follows as well, but her motive may not be revenge.

The story will consist of three parts and a prologue (possibly an epilogue as well). Part I has yet to be finished, but I am currently in the process of editing it.

Please read this and review it! The beginning is a little slow, but don't worry. I won't give you long, detailed passages if I can help it (even a writer can get bored with her own stuff). Also, I'm terrible at remembering what I wrote and what I didn't write, so if you start to see plot holes or inconsistencies (like the characters' eye/hair colors start to change for no apparent reason), let me know!

Thanks and enjoy!

Old Readers:
Deepest apologies for the hiatus. I was suffering from homework overload and semi-writer's block. But, thanks to the miracle of insomnia, I have conceived of a plot device (Rem:'s not really that!) to keep the story flowing. You may want to re-read the first few chapters since I have made a few changes, particularly in the prologue.

Thank you for your patience and your input!

The following story has been rated PG-13 by yours truly for the following: violence (swordfights), blood, mild cursing, death, and destruction.

Recap Section:
Coming soon!