Are You Ready?

Empty out my eyes
On the shoulder of an altar
Are you that comfort?

Dreaming infernal fantasies
Of Death violence and destruction
Would you if you knew what was going though my head?

Blinded by only what you think you see
Are you the one staring at me
That makes me look behind
Myself in a psychopathic bind
Paranoia works a graveyard shift
So to sleep I let myself go and drift
Through the ocean that is my escape
Through the life that is my cape
To fly and flitter as I please
So I can sniff the flowers with the bees
Roses are not for nature alone

Empty out my thoughts
On the shoulder of a love
Are you that faithful listener?

Dreaming musical wishes
Of Moon and star and sky
Are you that inspiration?

Gather around fair listeners
The music box is playing our song
So we may enjoy the art at our feet
If only our minds we open
Sing and dance around and around
The Black Sabbath that you seem
To think my life is
How wrong you are
How absurd are your allegations
I am nothing more than what you see
Unless you take the chance to learn about me

I think not
If you are repulsed by me
Are you ready to rejoice in word's melody?

I think not
If you wish not to comprehend me
Are you ready to accept an alternative?

If not
Its your Loss.