We Are (Sorta) Friends

You say that you are my friend
Though I love you,
Screw you!
Leave me alone.
I love your presence,
And emothionally,
But if we're only...
Then why should I bother.
I give you advice from the other side,
Share my feelings
Then you go,
And say what you know will hurt.
I trusted you,
Like I did no one else,
But you blew me off,
Like I never existed,
I told you my fears,
You did the same,
I told you about my bad life,
What it was before now,
You tried to understand,
But you never could.
What should I do,
If my Sorta friend,
Turns against me,
But never really leaves my side?
Maybe I should give up,
Move on,
And settle this for myself.
Here I go...
Life may change,
But I can't live like this any longer.