© Karri Neves July 2004

"So now, it's finally over…," Pete whispered, as he stared into waves crashing mercilessly into the rock upon which he sat. The spray splashed over his head, dousing him with cold, salty water, but he barely noticed. "Two years…."

Two years since Mike's funeral. Two years of trying to figure how to be a twinless twin. Two years of everyone saying it would get easier, when it was only getting harder.

He had hated him. No, that wasn't right! He had loved him. It was hard to remember.

Two years ago, it hadn't been so bad. Grief was normal. He was supposed to feel this way then…but life was supposed to go on. At least, that is they kept telling him.

How could it go on? For two years he had been trying to figure out how to live as only half a person…but now, it was finally over.

Pete jumped down as the next wave hit and grabbed his surfboard. Paddling out into the swelled surf, he felt Mike next to him.

That he could remember! Surfing the waves, together! It was the only peace he could get anymore -- surfing with his brother, the other half of his soul.

Waiting for the wave, Pete closed his eyes and smiled. It crashed down on him with crushing force. He felt himself dragged deeper and deeper under, and two years of tension finally released from his body. It was finally over.