Deep Under The Surface
By:Andrew Troy Keller

'Tis July the month and even on day Twenty-Three,
I still notice that there's no pleasure than to be
Out among my fellow shipmates aboard the small fishing boat
Known as The Sea Dog,whose Captain's like a goat,
But he also enjoys the pleasures of the open sea.

However,even we've got no idea about what mysteries lie
Deep under the surface and invisible to the human eye.

Case in point:we were doing some deep sea fishing,
Until I've suddenly discovered that my rod had snagged something
That I was unable to believe with my own eyes.

It was a mermaid--something that's both fish and human--
And she was just as beautiful as Miss Loni Anderson,
Even though she might be considered to be a freak
To those who could be proud to be called 'Geeks',
Instead of what we all are--a real life human.

Thankfully,the only one who saw it is a guy
Named Mike Crady,who was just been able to buy
His girlfriend back home a large,nice looking diamond ring,
Only to have her call and say that she's breaking
Up with poor Mike to go date some other guy.

At first,Mike felt like he's a first class jerk,
But that was before he has been able to work
His lover boy magic on the maiden of the sea.

Then one day,the both of them had disappeared compleately--
Possibly gone to where he's no longer a big jerk.