A Goodnight Kiss

Caged, restless, dark and silent

Odors strong, close and unpleasant

Mocking laughs, sneering faces

Fleeting images, your mind races

Bugs crawling, sitting in dirt

Your body aches, everything hurts

Praying is futile, you won't see the light

Keep on screaming, keep up the fight

You scratch, you claw, you kick

Into your mouth he shoves his dick

Terrified, pleading, tear-filled eyes

Meet his ruthless gaze as he shoves open your thighs

Pain explodes, blood splatters

Your dead inside, nothing matters

Emitting a grunting, triumphant shout, his body sags

He rolls off, you don't resist the urge to gag

He pulls out a glinting knife, you welcome dark abyss

He slits your throat and then gives you a goodnight kiss.