Curtains blowing on a lost breeze,
Moon shinning on an empty bed.
Night powerful and calming as the stars shine above,
They glimmer like diamonds unforeseen,
Stay unfound please.

Staring up from the tickling grass…
People tucked in their beds,
Dreaming dreams.
Moonlight smiling upon me
As I gaze at its beauty.

So much peace,
Wish this power stayed in day.
Somewhere out there,
Another life to be lived.
Something precious shining above.

God's eye looking watchful,
A caressing hand at my face.
Just a soft breeze.
Leave my place for my bed.
Magic is being left behind.

Watchful gaze at my back,
Smile coming from a pale face.
He disappears in the darkness,
Waiting to watch me the next night.

I knew he was there,
Watching me.
Smirk forming at my lips.
His hand was the caress.
I wonder when,
When he will tell me the truth?