Have you ever wanted to be invisible? To walk across the world and not worry about what people see in you? I have. Not always, but there are those days when just too many people see you, notice your movements. I hate those days. I hate it when a simple action causes notice for negative reasons.

I wonder what it would be like to be completely transparent. To walk through a door and have no one look up. To be able to see the secrets of one's heart and not for use against or for them, but just for the sake of knowledge. I think if I could be invisible, I would like to choose one person and study him/her. Study that person's actions, fears, joys, and thoughts. To know the substance of another human's life that is not my own.

I suppose that is why I write. To take a meaningless name and give it limbs, breath, emotion. To map out my character's existence and figure out his or her reactions. A pen and paper becomes a world full of life and meaning, at least in my eyes. Or, rather, in my mind's eye.

In the real world, I may be exposed, vulnerable, prone to harm and humiliation. But, not on paper. In my world of blue lines, red margins, and black ink, I am the invisible creator. My characters do not know my inner soul and yet they are my inner soul. So have you ever wanted to be invisible? I have and, in my room, hunched over my desk, I am.