Chaos, Love, and Music

Terell sat mildly bored.

The school had finally decided to let the students have music at lunch and even have some bands play. The one that was about to play looked like a preppy girl band; like they could hardly be anything interesting.

All the girls looked the same only with a few height differences. They all wore the same outfit; large white T-shirt with a long denim skirt.

"Terell, the girls that are about to play are pretty nice. You should at least listen." Ty stated.

"Why? I bet their not very good. Why would they be if this was their gig?" Terell asked

There was some feedback from the microphone as a girl with gothic looking jewelry walked up.

"Excuse me. But we're the band that you've waited for. That you preps will fear. We're Shiva's Heart!" The girl announced.*

Guitar started in the background and then the drums, keyboard, and bass kicked in. The girls stripped their clothes and wigs off to reveal who they really were.

The drummer had short spiky red hair and wore a dragon tank top with pants that looked like shorts at the same time. She had earrings that went all around her ear and was the shortest of the girls.

The bass guitarist had short brown hair with hints of red and was the tallest of the group. She wore board shorts with a shirt that showed off her midriff. Upon her head were fake fox ears, but they were cute on her. She focused on her fingering of the strings and got into the song.

The keyboardist wore glasses and had her auburn hair held back in a braid. She wore a black trench coat over black pants and a black shirt that said in silver glitter, "Nyx." Her fingers ran over the keys quickly and delicately.

The guitarist had short blondish hair that was held back in a pony tail. She wore a blue flame spaghetti strap shirt with a pair of hip huggers. Her guitar had red flames on it.

The final girl at the microphone, the lead singer, Terell guessed, had long dark brown hair with her grown out bangs a dark green. She wore a white dress shirt with a short black skirt that had a long back end and hookerish boots.

Terell was now interested seeing that they had a good tune starting and stage presence as well.

I used to believe in the good Wanting to be the fairy princess Getting the prince I was just an ordinary 5 year old girl

The girl at the microphone had a sweet but harsh voice. It was easy to believe that she knew how to sing. The other girls got ready for their turn and moved to their microphones.

Now I dream of blood and fear Nightmares giving me tremors Waking up screaming But what I fear most is you!

The voices harmonized into something hauntingly beautiful. Terell's eyes widened at the sound. The school had obviously not taken the trouble to look over their lyrics of choice.

Now that I'm older I know more I want to fly on black wings I believe more in the darkness Than I do the light What's wrong with being that?

The girl sang this part alone. The tempo of the beat went up and the chorus began again.

Now I dream of blood and fear Nightmares giving me tremors Waking up screaming But what I fear most is you!

As the girls sang, Terell could feel something calling him. He didn't know what it was.

I met you in the dark as you put it Your voice was dark and mysterious So I followed you into the dark Now you claim that I'm the angel!

Black wings appeared on their backs and Terell's eyes widened. How could they do this?

Now I dream of blood and fear Nightmares giving me tremors Waking up screaming But what I fear most is you!

The questions that ran through his mind were never ending.

You claim I freed you Did I really? You just were looking For someone with hope Now I hope That you forget about me!

The lead singer threw some flash bombs down as the end of the song came with the last chorus.

Now I dream of blood and fear Nightmares giving me tremors Waking up screaming But what I fear most is you!

Terell was in awe, as was the rest of the school. The preps were even shocked with this band that had trashed them.

"Good show!" Ty was congratulating the lead singer.

She'd popped out of nowhere! The rest of the band was with her and Terell could see their eye color.

The drummer had blue eyes, the bassist had brown, the keyboardist had green, the guitarist had a golden color, and the singer had silver contacts in.

"Thanks Ty! We try!" The drummer and singer cheered.

"You guys rhymed again!" The keyboardist laughed.

Ty laughed at the three girls.

"Anyways, girls, I'd like you to meet my best friend, Terell." Ty introduced.

Terell blushed a lil and smiled.

"Hi." He greeted.

"This is probably confusing. The drummer is Zane, but everyone calls her Ryu. The bassist is Jami, but we call her Kyo. The keyboardist is Nyx. The guitarist is Red. And the little miss gothic singer is Mihoshi." Ty introduced again.

Terell noticed that the black wings were gone and wondered how they did that.

"Oh he's speechless! He must either be silenced by our great beauty or our great voices!" Red joked.

"Red! I hate it when you do that!" Mihoshi exclaimed.

Everyone at the school had now turned their attention at the band called Shiva's Heart.

"Uh oh." Nyx whispered.

"I think we're screwed." Ryu commented.

"Big time." Red added.

"Yeah." Kyo stated.

"I hope the principal doesn't chew us out." Mihoshi commented.

"You guys didn't submit your lyrics again did you?" Ty asked.

"This has happened before?" Terell asked.

"Well Ty.we did that one on purpose." Kyo stated.

"When do you guys start?" Ty asked.

"Today." They all answered in unison.

"You guys are nuts. You should know better." Ty stated.

"So? You speed and you're supposed to be racing me, but you keep backing out Ty!" Mihoshi argued.

Red whispered to Terell, "She's the youngest and the most reckless."

"How old is she?" Terell asked.

"15 and about 10 months"

"Damn!" Terell exclaimed.

"Why are they all still staring?" Kyo asked.

"I don't know, but it makes me want to kick some ass!" Ryu growled.

Mihoshi looked over at Terell and smiled.

"What?" Terell asked.

Mihoshi sighed.

"Well.I have a few classes with you." She stated.

"Why are you taking senior classes?" Terell asked.

"Because 1, I'm smart and 2, I had these classes for my last school." She stated.

"What district are you from?" Terell asked.

"Jeeze! You're as bad as Mihoshi on questioning! And it's state not district! We're all from southern California." Ryu exclaimed.

"Why come out here?" Terell questioned.

"Because it's quiet and we can shake this place up." The girls answered.

"Where is your boyfriend, Ty? Or is Terell him?" Red asked.

"He's not here; Terell and I are just friends." Ty answered.

"You guys better eat if you hope to survive the day." Terell stated.

"FOOD!" Ryu ran off to the lunch line, dragging Mihoshi with her who was screaming "NO!"**

Red and Kyo pulled out some lunch bags. Kyo had a bagel and Red had two cups of ramen with a large soda. Nyx had pulled out a huge lunchbox with chocolate and vanilla coke along with some California rolls.

"You people are not normal. Welcome to our school!" Terell smiled.

Ryu came back; looking like she was going to cry and Mihoshi was attempting to keep her calm.

"What happened?" Red, Terell and Ty asked.

Red was letting the ramen cook in the hot water Nyx had brought.

"Italian Subs!" Ryu cried.

"They don't have any." Mihoshi stated.

"You guys had better food that we ever will." Terell commented.

Mihoshi grabbed one of the ramen and handed it to Ryu.

"Take it. You have a faster metabolism and will need it." Mihoshi stated.

Ryu took the ramen proceeded to eat it with chop sticks.

"We figured that we might since California is spoiled. So I'll buy her subs at the subway or something." Mihoshi commented.

Mihoshi started to walk off.

"Where you going?" Red asked.

"Class! I have to get the notes and stuff." Mihoshi answered.

"I hate it when she leaves us like this." Red stated.

"Why?" Terell asked.

Red looked over at Nyx who had consumed lots of chocolate and vanilla coke. Nyx was bouncing around.

"She's the only one who could ever calm that girl down on a sugar high." Kyo stated.

"Why'd you eat a bagel for lunch?" Terell asked.

"I'm a vegetarian and I LOVE bagels!" Kyo answered.

"Ty, how do you know them?" Terell asked.

"Well.err.I was out and heard them play. Mihoshi and Ryu came up and asked if I knew of a school they could go to in a quiet area." Ty answered.

"How did they know you were still in high school?" Terell asked.

"Just because we're girls and young, doesn't mean we're stupid. We've seen so many people with fake IDs, so Mihoshi and I took one look and said he was too young to be in that bar drinking." Ryu stated.

"TY!" Terell scolded.

"It was Coke!" Ty defended.

"It was, Terell." Ryu stated.

The lunch bell rang and the girls packed up their lunches and went back to the stage to pack up the equipment.

~ This was just an idea that popped into my head. I think I'm losing my mind. I read Gravitation and this is the idea I get! I only own Mihoshi. The rest go to their respective owners!~