Tonight was the perfect night
That it gave me butterflies,
And sent chills down my spine
The perfect way to end a day
Since you and I saw each other
Before the fun began
It was April
And I was free
It was April
And in semi-summer glory
We danced
And when we danced
You wrapped yourself around me
Like a passion vine so close
Closer would be impossible,
You held me tenderly
You never called me beautiful
But your eyes told me all I needed to know.
Because I loved you
I would never forget tonight.
I was thinking clearly as a crystalline starless night,
With the moon full and bright,
Shining in delight,
We whirled and twirled,
And I held you close,
Closer just would not be
You always reminded me of summer breezes,
Warm and fleeting,
Like the zodiac Arian you are,
I am more like a fall afternoon,
Wilting in your arms,
As the sun returns to dusk
Maybe that's why I feeling like the leaves in autumn,
Withering and weak
Like the flowers on my hand,
White roses blushing with the aged dryness,
If only they could have stayed fresh forever
If only tonight could have lasted forever,
Tonight will sleep with the red moon nigh,
And the blood-soaked color
Stands for a heart forever captured in you,
Resting my head on your shoulder
I could never be in heaven without you,
And I listened to you breathe,
Rhythmically fast,
You were feeling the same way too.
When we said goodbye,
We promised to never say goodbye,
And we never will,
For tonight is not so cruel,
Because I can relive it forever in my dreams.