Chapter 1
"Where am I?" Asked the 5ft 4in. tall blonde girl.
"In Elaya's harem." Said a beautiful dirty blonde girl. "Hi, names Kenya.
What's yours?"
"Myanie.did you say Elaya's harem?" Myanie had a look of horror on her
"Yes, don't look so scared she's not that evil." Kenya smiled.
"'Not That Evil!' this is Elaya were talking about here. She let's Eayi run
the kingdom for her so she can lazy around and rape girls!" Myanie nearly
"She doesn't rape anybody those are just rumors. She's actually a very nice
person." Kenya's eyes flicked to look at Myanie's breast for a few seconds
before looking her in the eye again. "Although I wouldn't reject her then
she gets mean. But nobody ever has, get one look at her and those beautiful
eyes of hers and you'll give her anything she wants."
"What level of the harem am I on.please say one." Pleaded Myanie.
"Why would you want to be one level one, your much to beautiful to be only
a dancer." Kenya's light brown eye ranked over Myanie's body lustfully.
Myanie blushed when she saw the look. " You, beautiful one are on level
three. You are a pleasure slave, you will be a dancer as well as sex
slave." Myanie gulped. "Let me tell you the rules."
"Ok," Said Myanie. "Better learn those. I don't want my family killed or
something because of me."
"Rule number one: any time the queen or the head of this level wants you
for anything, you do it. Number two: you will wear the clothes given to you
no questions asked. Three: you are not aloud to leave the harem quarters
unless called for. Four: you may have sex with the other pleasure slaves
but if your called you stop no matter what your doing and go. And last but
no least: you will call the queen, my queen unless told other wise and the
head of the level, my lady. Understand.any questions?" Said Kenya still
looking lustfully at Myanie's body.
"Yes, who's the head of this level?" Said Myanie quietly. Kenya smiled
"That beautiful thing would be me." Kenya licked her lips, Myanie gasped.
"Can I call you Mya for short?"
"Y-yes, my lady." Mya said staring at the beautiful woman in front of her.
Her curly blonde hair was a little passed her shoulders, she had full pink
lips and she stood about 5ft 7in.
"Good.ah here's the queen now." Mya dropped to her knees, put her hands
behind her back and bowed her head. Kenya just bowed. "My queen."
"Kenya." She turned to Mya "And who do we have here?" Asked Elaya lifting
an eyebrow.
"A newbe, her names Myanie or Mya as she said I could call her." Elaya
"Stand up Mya." Mya did as she was told. "Why are you wearing your night
"I'm not use to wearing such exposing clothing, my queen." Said Mya.
"Well you won't get use to it wearing that, take it off." Mya waited a
second then took off the robe. She was wearing a simple green silk colored
loincloth. Her stomach was bare as were her feet and her top looked like a
piece of green silk just wrapped around her chest just enough to cover her
breast. Elaya took it all in, her womanhood was already throbbing by just
looking at the girl and when she locked eyes with Mya her heart skipped a
beat. She felt like falling into those beautiful green eyes.
"Beautiful.lovely.Myanie that name fits you perfectly." Mya blushed at
Elaya praise. "Kenya?"
"Yes, my queen." Replied Kenya
"Mine.she stays with LyMe. Do you understand?" Elaya glared at Kenya.
"But my queen.surely you'll share her with at least me?" Kenya asked
"No, you can have LyMe once I have this one in habit with my taste.
Probably only take a week happy?" Elaya smiled knowing that Kenya had
fallen in love with LyMe over the years and tried to cover it. She would
have given LyMe to her earlier but she was the only girl in her harem that
could make her so wet and throbbing just by looking at her. Now she had a
replacement, Kenya could have her. Kenya looked at her queen's face.
"You know don't you?" She asked quietly.
"Yes, I known for quite sometime. LyMe loves you to you know."
"How do you know?" Now it was Kenya's turn to lift an eyebrow.
"Well twice she screamed `I love you Kenya' before she came. She thinks I
didn't hear her." Kenya blushed bright red. "Now go tell LyMe that she has
a new room mate and that she'll be moving into your quarters next week."
"Right away, my queen." With that Kenya turned and left with a big goofy
smile on her face.
"Come with me Mya, it's bedtime." Elaya smiled devilishly, Mya gulped.
"Yes, my queen." Mya followed her mistress out the room and to the bedroom.
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