Elaya sat watching Mya sleep; it had been an hour since she had awoken.
`She's beautiful.' Thought Elaya. Mya moved in her sleep to pull Elaya
closer to her. She moved her head to rest move fully on Elaya's breast, her
mouth ended up resting on Elaya's right nipple. She smiled in her sleep and
took the nipple into her mouth and suckled it lightly. Elaya shuddered.
`Beautiful and a vixen even in her sleep.' Elaya stayed in this position
enjoying the sweet torture her Golden Soul mate was putting her through.
When Mya finally awoke it was an hour passed dawn. She looked down to there
her mouth was and blushed, then quickly removed her mouth.
"You blush beautifully Mya." Elaya smiled down at her.
"Ah.how long was a doing that?" Asked Mya not looking Elaya in the eye.
"For about an hour."
"Why didn't you wake me or pull me off?"
"I didn't wake you because you looked to beautiful and peaceful and it felt
good so why pull you off." Mya's blush turned into a devilish grin.
"It felt good huh?" Mya's hand went down to cup Elaya's womanhood and stuck
two fingers between its folds. "I see it felt very good, your soaked."
Elaya moaned as Mya fingers suddenly brushed against her clitoris. Mya with
drew her hand and licked her fingers. "You shouldn't take advantage of my
sleeping habits." Elaya's eyes were pleading with Mya's to put her fingers
"I didn't take advantage of them, I just didn't stop you. Plus you smiled
before you did it, so I thought it was something you wanted." Elaya thought
for a moment. ".and I wouldn't deny you anything." She didn't realize she
had said that out loud until Mya made a comment.
"Really? Anything?" Asked Mya.
"Yes, anything you desire." Mya raised an eyebrow at that.
"What if I desired to sleep with Kenya?" Elaya got a pain in her chest at
Mya's words but she wouldn't deny her.
"Then I would let you. It would hurt to know you would rather sleep with
her but whatever makes you happy." Elaya looked down at the sheets.
"That's just the answer I wanted to hear." Mya wrapped her arms around
Elaya and kissed he passionately. After a minute or so they broke apart.
`Gods she can kiss.' Thought Elaya to herself. She had kissed a lot of
girls in her lifetime but that took the cake. A goofy grin grew across
Elaya face.
"What was that for? Not that I minded it."
"Like I said you said just what I wanted to hear and that was your reward.
Now I have one more question."
"I'm all ears." Replied Elaya.
"Oh I disagree with that." Said Mya looking her up and down. ".anyway what
if I wanted a child but I wanted you to carry it?" Elaya thought about that
for a second.
"As I said I wouldn't deny you anything. If you want a child then I'll give
you a child. If you want me to carry it, I'll carry it. Although you do
realize it would be our child no matter who carries it?" Answered Elaya
smiling; the thought of her having a child with Mya just warmed her heart.
"Yes, I know and I probably have a good idea of what the process is." Elaya
looked at her smiling devilishly. "But it was just a question, although
I'll keep it in mind." Elaya frowned but it brightened when Mya got out of
bed and faced her.
Mya stood before her in all her naked beauty, that Elaya couldn't resist
her urges. She got up and quickly walked up behind Mya and wrapped her arms
around her. She placed soft kisses on Mya's neck; her hands were on Mya's
breast playing with them gently.
"Elaya." Mya whispered.
"Yes." Replied Elaya in a low voice.
"No." She took Elaya's hands off her breast. Elaya groaned in frustration.
"Well you got to give me credit for trying." Elaya kissed her neck once
more before backing away.
"Thank you, now can I take a bath?" asked Mya turning to face her.
"Only if you let me join you."
"Only if you promise to behave."
"Elaya." Mya gave her a you better say yes or you'll pay look.
"Ok, ok I'll be good promise." Elaya gave Mya a small kiss to prove her
"Good girl." With that they left for the baths.