AN: Hi. This is a poem written from the bottom of my heart from past life
experiences. Please read and review!!

Fragmented Youth

I remember
Animal clouds,
Drifting through imagination,
Plush and contented,
In a world of roaming dreams.

I remember
Flying like a falcon,
Down a hill of scorched pavement,
The wind tickling my wings
Because I was free.

I remember
Swinging like a monkey,
Out of arched limbs,
Smiling into sunshine,
And loving life.

I remember
Chocolate ice-cream.
Dribbling over sugar,
Giving me a mustache,
And making me laugh.

I remember
Floating on water,
Staring at the heavens,
Wondering what the future held
For a child.

I remember
Swirling mists.
Dancing through memory,
In my favorite place,
Defying the cage.

I remember
Goodbye to childhood,
As the engine started,
Tears running down my heart
As fragments caught the wind.