I wish a violent, painful death upon you. Hopefully inflicted by myself personally.

Now- don't get me wrong I am not actually serious about causing extreme pain and death to people. In fact, normally I am a very peaceful person. However, every now and then something serious enough comes up where a truly do wish the destructions of someone. Not often though. This is one of these cases.

When I first met Chris* I thought that he was a very nice guy. I knew him before his sister came along, almost nine years now. My father's fiancée, Judy's, nephew. I liked him and his brother instantly. That was, of course, a good thing in my book, after all they were going to be my cousins. Chris' mother got pregnant with her third child. A beautiful young girl was born just about a year before the wedding. The girl, lets call her Eve, was an adorable child with blonde hair and an infectious curiosity about life. Even though she was just my cousin, she turned out to be the little sister that I never had. I love her very much and the thought of someone hurting her ticked me off.

Flash-forward about six years after the wedding. My dad and Judy are divorced, the older brother has started his freshmen year at U.C. Davis, and Eve is seven years old. I get a call one night about maybe, say, three weeks ago. It's Judy. She tells me that there is a lot of stuff going down with Chris. That he had been acting up really bad and his parents were going to send him away to this 'wilderness' camp, which was a kind of boot camp. Then after that he was to be sent to a boarding school where he would finish high school. She asked me to pray for him. To send him and the family good wishes. Oh, my, how I wish I could take those positive thoughts about him back.

That fucker. I found out about it this morning. This beautiful cloudy morning. My dad told me about it; he had talked to Judy earlier that morning. Little Eve had asked her mother for a lock on her room door. Her mother asked her what she needed a lock for. Eve told her. I feel like screaming now. Just the mere thought of that fucker.


With a rusty katana in my hand, I stand over the body of my once beloved cousin. I spit upon him with distaste. I want to wake him up so he will know that it was me who took revenge on his sister's behalf. I gently shake his thin frame. His clear blue eyes open slowly and I find I see no soul beneath them. He still doesn't think he did anything wrong. He realizes who I am and he opens his mouth to ask me what I'm doing here, how, oh, how did I get out here in the middle of nowhere and how I got past the night watch. I raise the blade and for a split second fear for his life flashes in his clear soulless eyes. I slice downwards, lean over and place my hand over his mouth to muffle the scream of agony. Part of him now lay on the floor next to the cot. Dark blood spread across the sheets. I jabbed and cut open part of his stomach. The acid would seep into his body and cause him more pain as he died. I watched. I watched, then I laughed. That fucker is a pansy, he was so insecure. Of all the people he chose to hurt in that way it had to be his sister, Eve. That evil fucker.

I walked calmly out of the dorm. Bloody katana at my side. I heard an echoing moan from inside. Smiling I continued to walk. An officer approached me with a gun drawn and I still smiling stop and saluted him in the proper fashion. He asked me what I was doing here. I told him the truth. Killing my cousin. He asked me which one was my cousin. Chris. The officer gave me a knowing look then nodded and said that he never saw me.

I ran. I laughed the whole time. I got home and I was still smiling with the blood now dried on my clothes.

I changed, put my clothes into the wash, my katana in the closet, and then went to bed. I woke up smiling again.

Now you may think that I am a sadistic person. But, you're wrong. I'm not sadistic, or homicidal, or insane. I just like to get revenge. Revenge is sweet. So Sweet. Just the sweetest taste in the world.

Now I'm singing.