I heard a voice on the gentle wind

It spoke of things beyond all grasp.

Of battles old and legends told,

Of great white cites and lovely ladies,

Of knights and kings and gallant lords.

It told of heroes who slew great beasts,

Of sorrow and grief and a land of strife.

It told of a great wide red desert

And of mountains that touch the sky.

Of plains the seem like vast oceans of grass

And of lakes beneath soaring grey cliffs.

It told me to dream of days gone by,

It told me to dream of the days to come.

It told me great things,

It told me lesser things.

Of the great wide world and her many people,

Of dreams and the shadows that dwell within.

Of the power of the head

And the strength of the heart.

And now I am the better for it,

For I have seen my dreams

And I have seen the world.

But more importantly,

I see my world and my dreams as one.