Loss vs. Innocence
by: trista groulx

Youth, is innocence
A statement once true, but now almost scary
Can Innocence kill Innocence?
When is innocence lost?
Who do we blame
We need a scapegoat
Blame society for prolonging innocence
Blame the inability to distinguish reality for fantasy
Blame something soon we cannot handle the truth
But what is true?
Was Innocence lost thru it's parents?
Was Innocence lost thru his inability to be accepted?
Has innocence ever existed in this world?
Innocence was lost as soon as the blade went thru the flesh
Innocence was lost when the trigger pulled, and the bullet hit
Innocence was put to it's grave that day
Whether it be Innocence has become an animal
Or innocence has been put underground
Innocence was lost as soon as one youth pulled a weapon,
A weapon on another innocent youth
In an age ruled by imaginary violence, was this inevitable?
Has all innocence been lost?
Has only the guilty 's innocence been lost?
Perhaps we will never know
Innocence loss has been in the new a lot lately
What if we are next?
What if Loss is just around the corner?
What if Loss came to sit in my class?
What if Loss came in the hallways?
What if Loss came to my locker?
Will Loss come again to the library?
Will Loss come to my school?
No one knows these, certainly not me
I know that Loss and Innocence are at battle
Innocence and Loss
Good and Evil
Who will be effected?
How many will die before we learn?
We must know
We must learn
How do we prevent Loss from taking Innocence?

a/n i wrote this for a school project while i was in high school, after reading a poem about columbine