My Life by Alex - A Story of a Girl and her life

I looked up to his soft brown eyes; they were just so warm...when ever I looked into them I just felt so safe and so right in that spot.

Just as confused at what I was saying as he was, I just spouted off what ever I could.

"I don't know, maybe it's just because when I look in your eyes, I feel like I'm in the right spot, that - that , everything is going to be alright, that the world ISN'T against me for once, that it's NOT just me and that someone understands!" I said rather quicker than I tried.

He didn't say anything.

"...or maybe I'm just gonna waste ten minutes telling you that just to feel like a prat..." I said slowly, trying to hide the quickly rising embarrassment flushing into my cheeks by flipping out my hair a little.

"You're not a prat Alex..." he said softly, grabbing my hand making me look up at him.

"Well you really had me convinced I was...I've been trying to tell you forever I thought 'I'll just tell him on the last day of school, then if I feel like a prat, I wont see him for a few months' then it was ' I'll tell him at exams, then if I feel like a prat I won't see him for a week, and then after about ten minutes of excruciating humiliation it would be over for a few months' then yeah it goes on and on 'til today" I laughed nervously.

Darren was always very down to earth, and normal about things. He wasn't like the guy you have to watch everything you say; worried he might not like you. He was so sweet and well very normal. And for me, that's something I never thought I would like, normal is like anti-my interests. But with Darren, it's just so great.

Yeah, I know strong feelings there. It wasn't always that bad. It all started when we started being left alone a lot. We would sit and talk until someone else came. We would talk a lot, make fun of the quote on quote Popular People, and especially of the people who thought they were popular but weren't. But that wasn't what made it happen; talking to someone for a few months can't make you feel this strong for someone. One day, I went around and give everyone hugs. Then I just had to get a hug from Darren.

It was unimaginably perfect. I don't know why, I don't know what changed; but from then on, everything between us seemed so different.

And what was worse was, I liked it. I loved the way it felt to talk to him, and when we touched. It was like magic, I can't explain it. I just couldn't stop thinking about him when he was gone, and didn't want to leave when he was there.

Every feeling I had when I was near him was such ecstasy, sometimes he was all I could think about.

"Well I'm sorry I made you think that." he smiled, his sweet, dazzling smile.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Well, welcome to my life. As you probably guessed my name is Alex, its short for Alexandra. I'm fifteen years old, and I live in the states. My world is pretty normal, considering how weird I enjoy things. Like I said, I'm pretty anti-normal...anyways back to what I was saying.

I have a pretty normal family, two brothers and a sister. Middle child, lucky me.

I spend most of my time with my big brother Nick he's 17, he's pretty cool and if we weren't brother and sister we would be best friends anyways. And my other big brother Spence he's 16 and . . . really weird. He can be mean, and we fight a lot but he's still pretty cool for a brother.

Last, but not least just littlest . . . my little sister, Sally. She's only 12. She's never really a problem for me, like most people's little sisters. Complaining about your little sister never leaving you alone isn't really my job... that's Spence's job about me. Haha, but anyways Sally is always out with her friends and somewhere other than where I am, little Miss Popular who lives outside of the house but comes back to eat and sleep.

We're all pretty similar, but it's not like some families where they look so alike it's scary. I have short, shoulder length brown hair and dark brown eyes. Nick has dark almost black brown hair and the dark dark dark brown eyes darker than mine. Spence is like me and Nick combined, he has the dark almost black brown hair like Nick but the same eyes as me. Sally, she was the mystery. She had bright hazel eyes, and long auburn hair.

Sally, Spence and I all live with our mom. Nick moved out but we still see him a lot, and I still see him at school. Our mom's name is Jennifer; she's cooler than most moms. She lets us throw parties, and go to other parties and have a lot of sleepovers. She's pretty cool.

So that's my family, they're pretty cool. So how 'bout we get thrown back to life?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Alex! Where have you been for," Nick paused to look at his watch, "half an hour?!?"

I rolled my eyes and told him I had been "out". Like I was going to tell my big brother about my love life.

"You've been 'out' my ass, who were you with?" Nick asked angrily.

Great, mom wasn't home yet and she had left him in charge. How could I tell from the kitchen and not going into the rest of the house yet? The way Nick was freaking out. He always went insane when he came home and mom put him in charge of us and one of wasn't there.

"I was with Darren" I said trying to sound non-chalant, picking up a spatula from the counter of our kitchen.

"Okay . . . just don't tell mom you got home late." Nick said cautiously.

"Fine, I won't tell her anything," Which was exactly what I planned on anyways, "What are we having for dinner?"

"Alex Soup if you don't get your ass out of the way so I can cook." Nick said in the same angry tone.

"Okay okay, I get the hint..." I said rolling my eyes and going into the dining room.

Wasn't a pleasant surprise. Nick came running in to the dining room at my scream. All he saw was me running at Spence with my hands out-stretched to strangle him and Spence laughing his ass off as he held his water gun out in front of him running away from me as fast as he could.

"ARGH! Nick! Mom put you in charge, make Spence stop it!" I whined despite myself.

Nick just rolled his eyes at me and Spence and went back into the kitchen.

When Nick finally managed to get food out on the table, and get me to stop trying to kill Spence, we all sat down.

"Hey Nick, where's the little girl?" I asked boredly.

"Oh shit." was the only response I got as Nick realized he hadn't picked up Sally yet.

Nick ran out of the dining room into the kitchen and we heard the screen door slam right after a jingling of keys.

I looked at Spence, then at the food.

"Let's get pizza, no one else needs to know after all" Spence said, knowing exactly what I was thinking.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(A/N: Well this is my story . . . well not MY story but you get the point it's the new story I'm writing . . . the life of a normal teenage girl with a normal family. Hope you like it, who knows what other trouble could follow? And what about Darren? heehee... R&R please!)