Author's note: I wrote this story a long time ago, I don't exactly remember when. But I remember as I was watching on t.v. people were saying things and the President was saying things. Things that I though were so moving and touching. So I wrote this short story and embedded into it are quotes that I had heard on t.v. by the people and by the President and I went to a memorial service for 9-11, and Billy Graham was there and he said Yes there is hope, my prayer today is that we will feel the loving arms of God wrapped around this. What he said has never left me. It made me realize that not all is in despair. There is hope and there is faith.

A one chapter story by Aryon

-Two airplanes have crashed into the World Trade Center in an apparent
terrorist attack on our country...-

Young Faith Watson began her daily routine. Waking the children, all five of them, dressing them, making breakfast, and simply starting her day.

-New York is in utter chaos right now. People are walking around in shock...-

She ate breakfast with her husband and prepared for another seven hours without him. She kissed him good-bye and said I love you as he walked out the door and to work. He worked at the World Trade Center, which Faith could see from her bedroom window. Somehow, being able to see where he worked gave her a strange sense of comfort. The same for him, for he always knew that someone was watching over him.

-The city of New York is pulling together in a time of need...-

She continued her day with her children, driving the three oldest to school. She said a quick prayer for her beloved children and for the husband whom she loved dearly. How was she to know what would happen?

-We haven't seen anything like it since the day of infamy, the attack on Pearl Harbor...-

The day moved on. Slowly. When Faith was alone in her bedroom she looked out of the window, towards the towers. As she felt the closeness to her husband, she saw a large airplane flying rather low...right towards the towers.

-He actually accelerated into the building and it exploded...-

The next instant happened before she could even scream. The plane crashed into the south tower and exploded into a huge ball of fire and billowing smoke. Suddenly, a couple of minutes later, another explosion was seen. The north tower had also been hit. It too erupted into fire and smoke, the chaos even more so than the first explosion. Before the smoke could reach Faith's house she saw the towers crumble violently. A second later she was engulfed in a painful darkness.

-We were just surrounded in darkness...we actually had to feel our way to clearness...

She lay down -for three hours- holding her two youngest children close to her body. As she lay there she felt so weak. So helpless. All's she could do was weep and pray. The darkness eventually lifted and she out into the light, blinded by the smoky brightness.

-We come before God to pray for the missing and the dead and for those who loved them.-

People crying. Bleeding. Ash everywhere. It covered the city as though a volcano had erupted. Thousands ran through the streets. Screaming.
Faith looked toward the now crumbled buildings which lay in a giant heap of twisted metal covered in ash and blood. Her husband worked in the 110th floor. She knew he was dead. She stood, silently weeping, in the ankle deep ash. Frozen tears rolled softly down her cheeks as she stood numb watching those around her. What about her children? She suddenly remembered they were still at school. She drove to the school where her kids attended and picked them up. They were safe. When they reached their ash covered house they cried themselves to sleep, under the safe watch of their mother. They knew daddy was gone.
The windows of her home were shattered, and everything was covered in a thick layer of ash and dust, but other than that her house was fine. As she carefully left her sleeping children she walked towards her window once again, this time only to see the nearby hospital.

-Americans are generous and kind resourceful and brave...-

She saw people waiting, perhaps just for a place to lie down. So...she guided twenty-three people back to her home. She cared for them and fed them with what little food she had left.
On September 11, 2001, Faith Watson showed only selflessness and humility. She knew her husband was dead, yet she did not hide in a corner and cry. She stood fast and kept her faith and held on to her hope. She thanked God for the safety of her children. For the safety of those who had survived this hellish day. Faith kept on living, not only for the sake of her children, but for the simply fact that she had enough to keep on living. Her hope. Her faith.

-Yes, there is hope. My prayer today is that we will feel the loving arms of God wrapped around us.-