Place the deformed centerpiece
Just there, where the light
Strikes it the very best
It will provide us a nice distraction
While we eat our meal
This is a party of a thousand people
The people of products line every shelf
Look at that one!
He's 50 percent off, what a bargain
I recall the way I did things yesterday
People and party supplies piled together
In my shopping cart
Everything has a price
You wouldn't believe how much I paid
For that little blonde who's tending the bar
But I got my money back
When I purchased that twelve year old girl
She is performing oral sex upstairs
I've heard
Okay, I won't lie
I know she puts on quite a show
Everyone is dancing for my amusement
Even if they don't entirely realize it
It is now time to eat
The woman on the last seat to the right is 'expecting'
Tonight her fiancé who is sitting just there
Will beat the child out of her
Such sick suspenses thrill me
I feel a glimpse of sadness for this woman
And I pour her another glass of wine
Oh, I'm certainly sure that the baby doesn't mind
She is dazed and dancing now
I take her bastard of a lover upstairs
We are watching that little girl perform
Her lips are beautiful, but she's known too much pain
A hundred dollar bill and a smiling approval is granted
She's fucking him!
Such a spectacle pleases my eyes
People are laughing, watching
As I lay him to a wasteful death
The child is still riding his cock
This is my party
A party of a thousand people
My actions are righteous
I gave that cute little whore a kiss
And went back downstairs
People are talking of their business strides
Their dreams for the near future
A passing comment leaves my thoughtless lips
To rest on their useless ears
You're all going to die before you accomplish any of that
Offended and appalled as a group, they are
I, smiling, saying "vitality, vitality!"
As I down some alcoholic concoction
Served up by that semi-angelic blonde on the bar
Relieving her of her duties as barkeep
I'm stealing her now, taking her upstairs
There's one boy I like
I picked him out of a crowd
He's one I got for the wondrous deal of
'Buy one get one free'
He is the one I bought - not the one I got free
So he is sure to be of better quality
Pressing them together I gave them lewd instructions
Oh, they did as predictable people do
It was a most lovely occasion
After I had my fill of them
They were disposed of, most neatly
In the nearest trash receptacle
By dawn everything has been worn out
Disposable human carcasses become frail after they reach their due dates
They crumble like dust
A downpour of rain begins
The electric lights fizzle and fade like hope
I smile when I see that cute little whore
Someone saved her for a moment
And she died on the dance floor without a cock in her mouth
This party of a thousand people
Has come to an end
I kneel down and blow my breath
Onto the face of the prettiest corpse
It brings a sense of creation, of destruction
A feeling of realism
I always throw the best parties
The garbage fades away with the morning fog
And the day is drawn again
With a pencil that is prone to erasing
Everything that it creates
It has destroyed the horizon