The Prevailing Blood Kiss: Return of the Song

Did you feel the cold?

Did it wash over you like a wave of blood?

The bats are calling,

They wait for their new leader,

The bloody messiah,

In prophecies it is told he will be the One of Glory,

And he will bring back the now deadened power.

The bats wait to hear the screams,

It is then they shall fly,

So shall the night be theirs.

Watch the moon as it corrodes,

It's calling to you...

Like the bodies in the cemetery,

That say you should be dead...

They are.

It isn't them,

It is the spirits...

And the immortal ones,

Who lead bats in their piercing song,

I scream with them as they wait for you.

I shall be the one who will change you...

I was chosen long ago,

And you are older than you think.

Here I sit,

Shrouded in the shade of trees,

The moon shall not find me...

But you will,

Coming to me.

It is your predestined fate to be mine,

In eternal intimacy,

Because I shall give you the forever kiss, the blood kiss.

I will finally have you to make me real.

Now I lie,

On dead grass,

Breathing in the smell of decay,

Listening as my kin leave me,

To be alone with you,

In the beautiful graveyard.

Limestone angels stare at me in hatred.

But I finally hear you,

You have answered our screaming beckon.

The divination shall be fulfilled...

You sit looking over my form,

Your taste for blood has been found,

It smolders in your blackening eyes.

I listen to you heart,

Your blood will be sweet.

I sit up,

And you bring my hand to your lips...

You are ready.

Your head tilts to the side,

My lips meet your neck,

And my fangs break flesh,

Cleaving veins and arteries.

Sweet blood and succulent flesh fill my mouth,

The taste delicious.

You gasp,

Pulling me closer,

Stroking my long black tresses.

I finally must recoil, unwontedly.

I cannot have you depart this life.

You must taste my blood.

Life drips from my lips,

As I bite them,

And now my own blood trickles out.

You know what you must do,

In indignant motion,

You pull me to you,

And kiss me,

Drinking in my blood...

And you begin to pull me closer,

I release a muffled giggle.

You are feeling lust for blood.

We finally withdraw,

The blood stops.

You are now one of us, I whisper,

Gazing indulgently at you,

You answer, And you are mine.

The bats croon in exhilaration,

Our brothers and sisters join the song,

We unite with them last.

The moon finds us,

Showing our pale silvery faces,

And gleaming alabaster teeth,

As we screech in song.

You shall begin the bloody triumph,

And our return to power.

Mortals will tremble in trepidation.

Earth shall become our sovereignty,

And all because of one beautiful blood kiss.