Charitable Darkness

Charitable Darkness.
Coming of night.
Asleep from dawn to the first owl's flight.
Hunting the day as the hunter for deer.
Quenching my thirst, calming my fears.
Night holds the secrets that time can't reveal,
Filling the landscape with shadows surreal.
Day comes to vanquish the darkness of night,
Filling my perfect world with blinding light.
Hiding away from the sun's early kiss.
Waiting for darkness to bring me sweet bliss.
I know not what lies to kill me in light.
It confuses me of what's wrong and what's right.
For the day holds the people for its mighty prize.
I look towards them and see hate, cheating, lies.
The night holds no secrets. It tells an honest tale.
It does not mask deceit behind a cheerful veil.
No one can see in the day's sunny rays.
They are all blinded by the light it portrays.
They are safe in the daytime, with light as their cover.
But if safety you search, there is darkness and no other.
Relax in its gentle hold as it caresses your dreams.
Please do not listen to the daytime's cruel screams.
Let night take control, rule your life.
Take you away from the edge of the knife.
Charitable Darkness.
Coming of night.
Asleep from dawn until the first owl's flight.